Will Humans Really End Up in 2050?- Australia Research Claim

Will Humans Really End Up in 2050?- Australia Research Claim

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Climate change, global warming, pollution related news we have been listening consistently. There have been many major research on this. All these research tells us about the damage to the Earth due to climate change, but the research that we are going to talk about today is shocking. It is more serious than any research so far. Because these research tells us how human climate can end by 2050 due to Climate Change. It sounds as if it is being said that it is very loud, but the possibility of getting it true can be more than imagination.

A Australia-based Think tank ‘breakthrough National Centre for Climate Resoration’ has warned that human civilization will not survive for more than three decades. By 2050, the average temperature of the Earth will increase by 3 ° C.

Explaining this research, Australian Chief of the Australian Defense Force and Admiral Chris Barry of the Royal Australian Navy, points out that this report reflects the disappointing nature of humans and the earth. It explains that human life is now on the brink of horribly extinct. The reason for this is climate change. Climat change is now becoming a threat to human existence. A danger that will be almost impossible to handle Barry also said that the second major threat to human life after the nuclear war is from global warming.

Greenpeace’s campaigner, Parjarini Sen, points out that earlier, the UN committee had released the report, in which he had told that we have only 11 to 12 years to save the earth. The way many other species have become extinct. If we do not take correct steps to stop carbon emissions, then there is a real potential that by 2050, humans will also be on the brink of extinction. We do not have much time left. Governments of all countries will now have to work for it.

According to Researchers associated with this research have prepared a scenario of up to 2050, given the current status. :   

  1. By 2050, more than half of the world’s population and 35% of the land will have to face deadly 20 days of the year.
  2. The fifth part of the agricultural product will be deducted.
  3. The Amazon ecosystem has been destroyed.
  4. Arctic Zone will have snow free in summer.
  5. The sea level will increase to 0.5 meters.
  6. The water of all the great rivers of Asia will be dry in more quantity
  7. More than 1 billion people will be forced to leave their homes and settle in another place.
  8. Permanent El Niño condition will become.
  9. One-third of the Earth’s part can be transferred to the desert.

According to the weather scientist, Mahesh Pallavat, according to the aligno condition said that according to the report, El Nino cm will reach Permanent Condition by 2050. For this reason the monsoon will fall. The monsoon will gradually decrease. On the contrary, the La Nina condition will end, which brings monsoon.

Environmentalist Manu Singh explains that these reports have not been shown in a comprehensive way, but the report situation has been presented in an even simpler way. On the side of destruction, we have started moving forward. Circumstances are far more horrible than this report About 60 percent of the wild organisms have become extinct. In the next 10 years 90 percent of mammals will become extinct. Fifty percent of the species of fish are on the brink of extinction. The catastrophe has come in other species and it will be too late for humans until the catastrophe comes.

Let us tell you that in many countries of the Middle East, shrinking agricultural products, and rising food prices, drought, forests and the continuous erosion of crops, the migration crisis is increasing in Europe. Similarly, more than 1 billion people have migrated from their village or city in the coming 3 decades.

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