Nagaland and Myanmar have a Strong Earthquake in the Morning, Shaking Earth

Nagaland and Myanmar have a Strong Earthquake in the Morning, Shaking Earth

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New Delhi: The tremors of the earthquake were felt in the country’s north-eastern state of Nagaland on Monday morning. Apart from this, there has been an earthquake in Myanmar also in the morning. However, there is no news of earthquake damage in both the places. According to the European Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC), earthquake tremors were felt in Nagaland in the morning. Its intensity on the Richter scale measured 4.7. This earthquake was recorded at a distance of 132 km from Tuseng in Nagaland. However, there is no news of loss of any property in it.

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At the same time, information has been given by the Indian Meteorological Department that there was an earthquake in Myanmar at 8:19 am. The intensity of this earthquake on the scale scale was measured at 5.1. There is no news of any kind of property in this either.

Source : ANI

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