Iraq’s Fatah Alliance calls Israeli strikes a ‘Declaration of War’ Against Iraq; Says US Fully Responsible

Iraq’s Fatah Alliance calls Israeli strikes a ‘Declaration of War’ Against Iraq; Says US Fully Responsible

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The Fatah Alliance, which holds a strong position in Iraq’s parliament, blamed the US for the alleged Israeli attacks, saying on Monday that Washington should withdraw its security forces from their country. The coalition’s statement comes after the attacks targeting the Iran-backed Shia militia. Israel is being blamed for these attacks. The Fateh coalition said that it blames the US for the attacks allegedly carried out by Israel and sees it ‘like a declaration of war against Iraq and its people’.

“Popular Mobilization Forces”

This coalition represents Iran-backed paramilitary militia in parliament called the “Popular Mobilization Forces”. The coalition’s statement comes a day after a drone attack in the city of Qayam in western Iraq. A commander of this force was killed in this attack. According to the coalition, this recent attack has been carried out directly by Israel on the Iran-backed militia in Iraq. The coalition says that US security forces have no need in Iraq. The US Department of Defense issued a statement on Monday, refusing to take responsibility for these recent attacks and promised that it would cooperate with the Iraqi security forces in the investigation.

According to the coalition, there is no need for American troops in Iraq

There are 5,000 US troops in Iraq and some groups that no explanation can be given now of these security forces being in Iraq because the Islamic State has been defeated. However, Iraq’s President Barham Saleh held a meeting on Monday in which the Prime Minister and the Speaker of Parliament also attended. Apart from this, PMF Militia leaders are also considered in it. Recent attacks were discussed in the meeting. In a statement issued after the meeting, no particular country was held responsible for the drone attacks.

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