Imran had told a Lie to the whole World, Pakistani magazine revealed shocking & Claim Saudi Crown Prince Ordered PM Imran Khans Plane to Return

Imran had told a Lie to the whole World, Pakistani magazine revealed shocking & Claim Saudi Crown Prince Ordered PM Imran Khans Plane to Return

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Image Credit : Khaleej times

Pakistan’s weekly magazine ‘Friday Times’ has revealed shocking that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia was so enraged by some of the activities of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan during his UN visit that he sent Imran from America The plane, which was bringing back home, was ordered to return to America by the middle way. Imran first visited Saudi Arabia during his visit to the United States to attend the United Nations General Assembly. He wanted to fly to the US by commercial plane from Saudi Arabia.

But, bin Salman said that it cannot be, Imran is his special guest and he will fly to America with his special private plane. Imran went to America by MBS plane. He was returning from the same place when it was reported that his plane had to return to the United States due to a technical problem and Emraan again returned from a commercial flight.

Image Credit : Khaleej times

Now the Friday Times is shocked to say that there was no technical glitch, it was the displeasure of MBS that caused the flight of Emraan to return. A Pakistan government spokesman dismissed the Friday Times report, saying it was “grossly inaccurate and an attempt to bring Imran’s” successful journey “under suspicion.

The Friday Times said in its report, “In any case, fans of Imran Khan welcomed him as the winning hero upon his return from New York. Even his suggestion came that the commercial plane from which Imran Jeddah to Islamabad Returning, he should be brought under the siege of F-17 Thunder planes to show respect to Imran. “

The Friday Times said in its report, “These supporters feel that Imran spoke in a sharp way on all the special issues like Kashmir, Islamophobia. It doesn’t matter that (when Imran was speaking) the hall was half empty.” Tha and Imran had assumed that Pakistan used to train al-Qaeda terrorists.

It does not matter to them that the expectation of the India-Pakistan dialogue has lessened than ever before and a regional issue has been made the issue of Islamic Pakistan and Hindu India. “The Friday Times has written,” Some unsolicited results of this trip too are. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman became so alienated from certain aspects of the diplomacy of the Pakistani Prime Minister in New York that he rebuked Bajahir Imran by recalling his personal plane and getting the Pakistani delegation out of it.

He (bin Salman) could not be happier with the possibility that the Islamic bloc would be jointly represented by Imran Khan, (Turkish President) Recep Tayyip Erdogan and (Prime Minister of Malaysia) Mahathir Mohammad and without his (bin Salman’s) former Pakistan, with consent, will raise pangs from Iran. “A spokesman for the Government of Pakistan has strongly objected to the information of the Friday Times, terming it wrong.

He said, “The news of the Saudi Crown Prince recalling Imran’s plane back from Canada to the United States is concocted. There is a good relationship between the rulers of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. The report is expected to weaken the Prime Minister’s successful dialogue with world leaders.” Has been tried.

The result of the Prime Minister’s meeting with the leaders of Turkey and Malaysia has been removed from their minds. The purpose of this report is to attack the relationship between two countries having fraternal relations for political gain. We reject it outright. “

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