How did America find Baghdadi from the tunnel? Read Inside Story

How did America find Baghdadi from the tunnel? Read Inside Story

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Two officials of the Iraqi intelligence agency revealed in an interview to Reuters News Agency how the Islamic State (ISIS) chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed? He said that in February 2018, Turkey (Turkey) arrested Baghdadi’s most trusted partner and commander Ismail al-Ithavi and handed over to Iraq.

It is Ethavi who told us everything about Baghdadi where does he live with his family? With which 5 people does Baghdadi form his forward strategy in Syria? Ithavi himself was among the 5 people whom Baghdadi used to talk to, and how Baghdadi had been left from the clutches of intelligence agencies for so many days? Ithavi said that Baghdadi often used to travel by sitting in a mini bus filled with vegetables, due to which he was saved from checking.

Iraqi officials say that we (Iraq) joined hands with US (USA) and Turkish intelligence agencies to catch Baghdadi. After this, in the middle of 2019, our team identified Baghdadi’s partner Ithavi in ​​a market in Idlib Province, Syria with the help of photographs. From there we followed Etawi and found out where Baghdadi lives in Idlib?

We then gave information about Baghdadi’s whereabouts to CIA (CIA), America’s intelligence agency. After which the CIA continued to follow Baghdadi with the help of satellite and drones for 5 consecutive months. 2 months ago, when Baghdadi came out with his family in a mini bus, it was the last journey of his life.

Baghdadi was killed in an operation by the US Special Forces. Baghdadi was killed along with her 3 children. Baghdadi was hidden in a closed mouth tunnel. When he was completely surrounded and there was no way to escape, he blew himself up with a bomb. Baghdadi established the reign of terror in Iraq and Syria. Baghdadi was also responsible for carrying out major attacks in 5 continents of the world in the name of fundamentalism of Islam.

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