Facebook Removed 103 Pages, Accounts and Groups Linked to Pakistan Army

Facebook Removed 103 Pages, Accounts and Groups Linked to Pakistan Army

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Facebook has removed 103 pages, groups and accounts associated with the media branch of the Pakistan Army regarding dishonest behavior.

Facebook said that it has removed the pages prepared by the network for violating Facebook’s policies related to the pages, accounts and groups linked to the integrity of coherent behavior. He also shared the details of such 4 unconnected and clear pages, accounts, groups etc.

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In a statement released by Nathaniel Glaser, chief of the company’s cybersecurity policy, it said that on Monday, we removed 103 pages, groups and accounts in the form of a network, on Facebook and Instagram, on the basis of coherent unprofessional behavior. This network is located in Pakistan.

Below is a sample of the content posted by some of these Pages:

Source : Facebook Newsroom

Image text: Today is the 6th death anniversary of M.M. Alam, who destroyed 5 Indian jets within 1 minute. Who has the courage to hamper our flight? We fly with courage, not wings

Integrated unprofessional behavior is when pages or groups of people work together and mislead others about what they are and what they are living.

The statement said, however, those engaged in this activity tried to hide their identity but our investigation revealed that they belonged to the ISPR (Inter Service Public Relations) personnel of the Pakistan Army. The Pakistan army did not respond immediately to this issue.
Don newspaper quoted Glaser as saying (in-pages, accounts) has been removed because it has network of fake accounts and they are using them to hide their identity and show that these pages are free, This is not so in

An official said that these pages, groups and accounts present themselves as independent, but in reality they are part of the coordinated campaign. He said that Facebook can not say whether this activity is being done on the instruction of this organization (Media Branch of Pakistan Army) or the employees are doing personal status.

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