Weird Facebook Bug Sees Old Chat Messages pop up for Users

Weird Facebook Bug Sees Old Chat Messages pop up for Users

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A strange Facebook problem has seen users confronted with the past.

People have reported a strange error in which old chat messages, some from years ago, appear again through the Messenger tabs.

The problem is particularly worrisome for certain users who have seen messages from loved ones who have passed away or people they have not talked to for a long time.

A Facebook spokesperson told Mashable that the company had solved the problem in a statement:

“Earlier today, some people may have experienced that Facebook forwards old messages,” he said. “The problem, caused by software updates, has been completely resolved, we regret the inconvenience.”

It is not the first time that Facebook extracts memories that we would prefer to forget.

When the platform was launched on this day last year, the show was criticized for showing old photos and publications that could be painful or unwelcome. Subsequently, Facebook introduced the ability to edit publications and control the memories you see.

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