Top 10 Best Interior Design Software for Windows 10

Top 10 Best Interior Design Software for Windows 10

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Interior design has become an integral aspect these days for almost all new constructions. Whether your home or office space, we all want it to be the best, both from the outside and from the inside. While spending a fortune on the exterior beauty of your property, the interior can not be ignored either. In fact, the interiors of your space are much more important because you spend most of the day in your office and your home.

An attractive interior not only attracts the appreciation of friends and family, but also makes it a salable property for the future. While there are many who prefer to design their interiors with their own idea, but if you want something like movies, magazines or the web, your interiors will need a professional touch.

But, thanks to evolving technology, we now have interior design programs that help you sketch ideas on your own. So, if you’re ready for a DIY project, these programs can be really useful. Here we have listed some of the best interior design software for Windows for your review.

Planner 5D

It is easy to use, but it is an advanced interior design tool that helps you create a 2D / 3D home design. You can create the design of your desired home in just 3 simple steps. The first step is to create floor plans and design design in 2D mode. You can even switch to 3D to search and edit the design from any angle.

The second step is where you can edit the color, designs and materials to form walls, floors or exclusive furniture. Finally, using the snapshot function, you can record your design as an image that looks realistic. With an easy-to-use interface, it is perfect for beginners and experienced alike.

Price: free

Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D, one of the main interior design programs, is a free application that helps users to draw their property plan, organize the furniture and see the results in 3D. With this tool, you can draw straight, round or sloping walls with precise dimensions. You can use the mouse or keyboard for this purpose. Then you can add doors and windows to the walls and take them to the plan. The tool determines the holes in the walls as a measure of preparation.

Then you can insert furniture from a detailed catalog organized into categories, such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc. It also allows you to change the size, color, location, texture and location of walls, floors, ceilings and furniture. In addition, you can see the 3D design from an aerial view. Writing down the plan, creating realistic images, importing the design, printing or exporting in PDF and other important formats are some of its other main features.

Price: free

Roomstyler 3D Home Planner (Online)


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Roomstyler comes with more than 120,000 items from well-known brands that help you decorate your interior designs. The tool facilitates the design and eliminates all the unnecessary complications of choosing color samples or lifting heavy objects. As soon as you click on the tool, the interface will open directly where you can remodel your room online. Only once you are satisfied with the results can you start designing in real life.

It is an easy-to-use program that allows anyone to create realistic 3D images of the designed interiors. In addition, the elements found in the virtual repository are real furniture models. These models of furniture belong to different recognized brands that range from names such as IKEA sofas to the luxury pieces of the best designers like Marcel Wanders and more. What is more? The application also works as a book of view that has thousands of designed rooms available online.

Price: free



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Build, remodel and redesign your rooms with Amikasa, the interior design application in 3D. You can redecorate your rooms with wall colors, furniture and floors with original brands. You can start by choosing the shape of your room, or you can even create your own floor plan. In addition, set the dimensions of the wall that complement your space with the help of plane mode. Then you can place the doors and windows accordingly.

The next step would be to decorate and furnish where you can find many colors. You can try the color combinations in your room using the color wheel and the catalog with a wide range of flooring materials. You can select your favorite furniture from the catalog and drag them easily and drop them in your virtual room. In addition, you can adjust, rotate and rearrange them according to your preferences.

The way of travel, or share it on social networking platforms are some of its other main features.

Price: free

My Virtual Home

The software comes equipped with a variety of tools that help you design the 3D version of your home. The interface is attractive due to its professional design and offers convenient access to useful training videos. The software comes with many options that help users navigate various different building materials such as cabinets, walls, doors and windows and, therefore, design their imminent home with furniture items that are collected from the photos of different brands.

You can select your favorite salons, coffee tables, televisions, etc., simply click on them and drag them to the design. In addition, the program comes with different prefabricated floor plans and a sweet feature that allows you to take a walk through your house in a 3D clone that looks more like a video game.

Price: free

Ikea Home Planner Tools

Ikea is a world famous name in the home planning category. It also offers an option to decorate your interiors using your planning tools. You can simply drag and drop the selected furniture in the room and place them according to the precise measurements of your home. You can even rearrange and test various styles until you get the desired result.

It allows you to get a 3D view and get an impression with all the measurements accurately, just like an architect. In addition, you can see the estimated price and get the list of products. When you are satisfied with the plan, you can save it, print it or send it by email along with the list to pick it up at a nearby IKEA store. Then, you can get the final planning suggestion and IKEA help before purchasing the products for your interior design project.

Price: free


pCon planner is another excellent interior design software perfect for professionals. The best thing is that you can take advantage of professional functions completely free of charge. It is useful both for companies and for the design of personal homes. Create complete three-dimensional floor plans with immediate effect. Regardless of whether you are starting from the basic level or if you are adding an existing plan, you can edit and share your plan quickly with others.

What is more? You can insert CAD models in various formats such as DWG, SKP, 3DS and more in your plans. You can also download appropriate models from linked vendor catalogs. In addition, you can create structures, design objects or customize elements, using software design functions.

The best part is that the software is easy enough to use, even for beginners, to generate high quality images instantly. From drawings and title blocks to scale logos, you can provide your customers with a detailed description of the plan. Also, make the 3D models and the 360 ​​° panoramas come alive in the presentations, on the websites and on your blog with the application.

Price: free

Space Designer

With Space Designer, you can easily draw your floor plan from the basement to the ceiling. You can also customize your designs using more than 5000 items of furniture and materials for both domestic and commercial use. It helps you to see the design of your home or office or any property in 2D or 3D in real time. In addition, it is a compact program that does not need to be downloaded.

It allows you to transform your floor plan to 3D view without downloading any software or application. It is also available on smartphones and tablets, offering you the ease of access to your projects from anywhere. What is more? You can also explore your VR floor plan using Google Cardboard or any other mobile VR headset.

While you can change the overall appearance of your home or office, you can also preview the results before buying anything. It allows you to walk around your property in 3D view even before construction begins. You can integrate the application on your website, under your brand and together with your product catalog.

Price: free


Floorplanner is one of the easiest and most attractive looking applications that helps you create and share interactive floor plans online. It helps you to draw your plans quickly and easily. The responsive editor helps you create your floor plan in minutes. In addition, you can decorate your rooms with a single click.

The self-supply feature helps you design your plan with just a couple of clicks. Alternatively, you can select furniture items one by one from your repository that has more than 150, 000 3D models. From using the images of floor plans for marketing or construction purposes, to simply hanging the design of your floor plan on the wall, this software allows you to create amazing images effortlessly.

Price: free version available; starts from $ 14.95

Design a Room by Armstrong

If you’re thinking about redesigning the entire room, or if you want to change the floor of your home, there could not be a better option than Armstrong. You can simply upload your images or select one of your own, and then you can try the hundreds of floor options. You can also try several selections of paint colors and spots. Also, you can save them and share the designs.

Designing a room, be it from your office or your home, is a complex process. It requires good research and some professional tools to get the perfect results. Interior design software is one of the best ways to get accurate measurements and a complete test plan for the home you have dreamed about. Therefore, choose to form the previous list and obtain the desired results for your interiors.

Price: free

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