S@x Robots are a great Trend for Online Pornography

S@x Robots are a great Trend for Online Pornography

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We may not have flying cars, but s@x robots are definitely something that exists and are becoming increasingly popular, even in pornographic searches. According to the website for adults xHamster, there is an upward trend of searches for s@x robots on your website.

In 2017, the site saw a total of 21,402 searches for s@x robots, a 60 percent increase over the total of 13,339 in 2016. December 2017 was the largest month of that year, with more than 3,900 searches.

And in 2018, there were 36,709 total searches of s@x robots in xHamster, an increase of 72 percent over 2017 and an increase of 175 percent over 2016, a very healthy jump in a short time. January 2018 is the largest month for xHamster and s@xual robot searches so far, with almost 6,200 total searches.

Alex Hawkins, vice president of xHamster, pointed out that although 2018 registered the highest number of searches, 2017 was the most important year for searches of s@x robots as a percentage of general searches on xHamster. “We have seen a small decrease in 2018-2019, but we expect searches to continue to increase with respect to searches in 2016.”

Even so, it is a fairly clear upward trend that seems to continue to grow.

All this may seem a bit out of the left field, but it is actually a growing trend that is slipping more and more into the mainstream. The 2018 survey “Singles in America” ​​by Match found that 31 percent of men and 15 percent of women would have s@x with a robot. In addition, 56 percent of women and 39 percent of men who responded to that survey said they would consider their partner to be having s@x with a robot as a cheat.

S@x robots are also becoming a commercial tool to consider in the s@x industry. A brothel of s@x robots proposed in Houston, Texas, went headlong into a controversy in 2018 and was finally banned by the local government. But that particular corner of the market continues to find traction elsewhere: by the end of 2018, there were already two of these establishments open in Toronto.

And then there’s the growing number of technology companies that focus on creating and building robots, an arms race to create the best s@x robot experience.

This does not even take into account the ongoing (and growing) debate about the moral and ethical issues surrounding the s@x robot industry, from what really constitutes a s@x robot, to the stigma associated with the idea of ​​s@x robots, until The builders (ugh, deep breath) can create their own child s@x robots.

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