Speed Up Google Chrome With This Tab-Reducing Extension

Speed Up Google Chrome With This Tab-Reducing Extension

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I have about 70 tabs open on my computer right now, more or less some. I treat Chrome tabs as temporary bookmarks. For example, some of my open tabs are for stories I want to read later, and others for San Francisco Beer Week events that I am planning. It is not the most efficient way to work, but it is the form that I have chosen. Unfortunately, it is also a form that consumes a ton of energy.

My habit of tabulation has become a problem on my MacBook on more than one occasion, simply because leaving all those tabs open, especially with Google Chrome, consumes a ton of computer memory.

One Tab is a Chrome extension that allows you, in essence, to keep all those tabs open without having to keep all those tabs open. It is also available for Firefox.

When you use it, it will convert all your open tabs into a list. When you need to access them again, you can restore the individual tab you need or all your tabs at the same time. The creators of the Extension say that using it can save up to 95% of your computer’s memory. That, of course, depends on the number of tabs you leave open regularly now, but in spite of that, there should be a saving of memory.

That list of tabs can also be converted into a web page if you wish so that you can share it with friends. That means that the dozen beer events that I have open can now be sent to friends by simply creating a webpage of links if I wish. Or you could just send me that research and close all those tabs permanently.

While the sharing feature is great, the real bonus is in saving memory. If you are leaving as many as I am open on a regular basis, it could mean the difference between having a functional computer and watching the rotating wheel of death on a regular basis.

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