Twitter blocks the True Indology account by Exposing NDTV’s Distorted claims of Community Harmony in Jammu and Kashmir.

Twitter blocks the True Indology account by Exposing NDTV’s Distorted claims of Community Harmony in Jammu and Kashmir.

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The curious case of Twitter censoring users of social networks for criticizing the left and ultra left accounts has begun to create concern among users, since Twitter has once again censored the account of the history of the True True Indology by blocking it after the user. He exposed the false narrative of NDTV by stating that the Muslim majority Jammu and Kashmir never had a Hindu prime minister.

The controversial left media house NDTV, often known for anti-India propaganda and fake news, presented a narrative in which it exaggerated a fact of Hindu-Muslim harmony in the state of Jammu and Kashmir by deliberately ignoring the Pandit Kashmir genocide that had occurred in the Muslim majority of Kashmir.

However, the well-known Twitter historian True Indology (the name of his twitter account), while refuting such misunderstanding of the history of Jammu and Kashmir, instructed the NDTV with information about how Muslims killed, raped and harassed the Hindus. -the majority of the population of Kashmir. The Twitter historian went on to say that the Muslim population of Jammu and Kashmir never accepted a Hindu Prime Minister and that they have not even chosen a single Hindu from their region.

In questioning the so-called Hindu-Muslim harmony in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, True Indology said that the one-dimensional harmony of the Hindus towards the Muslims meant ethnic cleansing.

Unfortunately, the social media giant Twitter seems to have been disappointed as its ideological ally in the media, NDTV once again being embarrassed to propagate such distorted views. Therefore, Twitter resorted to silencing the True Indology by blocking the account, while denying the user the freedom to present facts.

“We have determined that this account violated the Twitter Rules. Especially for … violating our rules of hateful behavior, “said the Twitter message while blocking the True Indology account.

This is not the first time that the right accounts, data verification accounts and other social network users who do not agree with the left accounts face the prohibitions and the scrutiny of Twitter. Recently, Twitter has retained tweets from scientist Anand Ranganathan, a freedom of speech warrior and filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri “in response to a lawsuit.”

Twitter is fast becoming a platform where ideological battles are fought, sometimes, by stifling the voice of those with whom they disagree and Twitter’s “odious behavior” policy reveals a definitive left bias. Faced with the accusation of discrimination against conservatives on the social networking platform, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, in an interview with CNN, admitted that most Twitter employees have a tendency to the left.

Recently, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, had created a stir in India by posing with a banner that declared “Smash Brahminical Patriarchy”, an extreme leftist group to demonize an entire community. The legal head of Twitter India apologized profusely to everyone for hurting his feelings. Rajasthan, a local court in Jodhpur, also admitted a petition against Dorsey for the anti-brahmin poster.

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