Instagram Found a way to Make us even More Addicted

Instagram Found a way to Make us even More Addicted

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Fasten the children. Instagram is about to become even more classic.

The application added a new feature of “close friends” that will allow you to publish Stories that can only be seen in a select group of your followers. What could go wrong, right?

Instagram first tested the feature, then called it “favorites,” last year in response to the growing popularity of “fines,” secondary accounts, often secret, that people use to share content within a smaller circle of friends.

Now, more than a year after he started testing the tool, he is launching “close friends” to everyone. The function, which will be in the most recent version of the application, allows you to specify if you want all your followers to see your story or only the selected few whom you have designated as “close friends”.

The update is likely to further complicate the already dynamic social dynamics of Instagram accounts, particularly for teenagers, who popularized the “finsta” phenomenon in the first place.

The feature also reminds a little of Snapchat’s “best friends” (RIP) feature, which lets you see the three best friends of anyone you’ve connected to on Snapchat. That feature, which was fueled by many Internet breaks and search engines, was suspended in 2015.

However, unlike Snapchat’s “best friends”, “intimate friends” on Instagram can not be seen by anyone else, although you can see when someone else has made you their best friend. In this case, a green badge will appear on that person’s story that will indicate that he or she has chosen you as a “close friend.”

It goes without saying that this will probably cause a lot of drama and FOMO by itself. Can you even consider someone as a real friend if they do not choose you as their “close friend” on Instagram? However, on the upside, you may eventually be able to get rid of that financial account.

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