Oh cool, you can see how much time you Waste on Instagram now

Oh cool, you can see how much time you Waste on Instagram now

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Last year, Instagram was rated as the most damaging social network for mental well-being.

It’s not surprising that all those vanity and #influencer publications are not doing us any favors, and now the application is deploying a way to track its use and limit it if necessary.


Calling your activity, you can access the control panel in the upper right menu, and you can see how much time has passed in the application on average, as well as how much you are using it each day.

There are also options to restrict your use, in the line of the Apple Screen Time and Google Digital Wellbeing, where you can set a daily time limit and have Instagram notify you if you have spent too much time in the application.

Once the time is up, a dialog box will appear telling you that you have reached your limit, with the option to press Accept or edit your reminder so you can continue with the movement of zombies.

The feature was first seen in June, and a month later it was confirmed that the control panel would come to Facebook and Instagram.

At the moment, it seems that your Instagram activity does not offer the granularity of Apple’s Screen Time.

In Screen Time, you can see what hours of the day the application is using and how long. In addition, the feature can send you a five-minute warning before you reach your daily limit and tells you how many notifications you received that day.

That said, it is not clear if such perceptions and notifications have a profound effect on reducing the use of social networks. For that, you may need to rely on old-fashioned willpower.

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