Net Neutrality Officially Ends In The United States: Could Change The Internet World!

Net Neutrality Officially Ends In The United States: Could Change The Internet World!

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With the neutrality of the network coming to an end in the United States, there are fewer rules that govern the way the Internet works. Net neutrality protections prohibited Internet providers from favoring or blocking access to specific products or websites. Six months after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal Obama’s era policy known as net neutrality, triggering a massive consumer reaction and warnings about a segregated Internet, the changes took effect formally. .

The FCC voted to repeal those protections in December, saying the rules were too strict and belonged to a long time ago. According to the new revised rules, one of the greatest benefits is for Internet providers. Now people can effectively slow down certain websites and apps, as well as increase their opponents’ fees.

FCC President Ajit Pai said in a statement that he advocated repeal to “protect consumers and promote better and faster Internet access and more competition,” noting that the Internet had flourished without network neutrality rules. and argued that the rules hurt small suppliers.

“At the dawn of the commercial internet, President Clinton and a Republican congress agreed on a light framework for regulating the internet, and according to this approach, the Internet was open and free, and network investment exceeded $ 1.5 billion Netflix, Facebook, Amazon and Google they went from small startups to global technology giants, the US Internet economy became the envy of the world. ”

Now that the appeal is in effect, several broadband providers have said they will still follow the rules established by Obama. While the elimination of neutrality is presented as a blessing in disguise for certain providers, one thing is for sure. Supporters of net neutrality will continue to fight until the United States Government and the FCC agree on common ground.

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