How to Clear your iPhone’s Cache and Make it Run Faster

How to Clear your iPhone’s Cache and Make it Run Faster

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Have you ever wondered why the Loading speed of your iPhone is slower than usual? Contrary to what you might think, it is not necessarily because your phone is getting old or because your network is slow. It is possible that your iPhone is blocked by too many files and data from useless applications, which probably means it’s time for you to clear your cache.

The cached data covers all the files and images that your phone has hidden in its memory. This includes passwords and scripts from previously visited websites that your phone keeps on hand for easy access.

In theory, the function is supposed to make things easier and faster for you, because your phone does not have to repeatedly ask for your passwords and other information. While Apple has not confirmed it directly, the general consensus of the technology community is that when your iPhone receives a backup copy of too much data, your phone’s cache memory can cause the device to run at slower speeds.

Clearing your cache can be a healthy habit you must adopt in order for your phone to function at full capacity. Luckily for you, it’s a quick and easy process that even those who do not know exactly the iPhone can do it themselves.

Therefore, if you believe that your iPhone urgently needs a spring cleaning, follow these simple steps, starting with the application you probably use the most, Safari.

Clear Cache in Safari

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  • Before deleting data, make sure you know your essential passwords. This process will disconnect you from the websites you frequent.
  • Under “Settings,” search the “Passwords and accounts” sections and touch “Safari.”
  • Beyond the switches, you will see “Clear website history and data”. Click on that.
  • Your device will verify again that you want to delete the Safari data, so click on the message that follows.

Clear Cache in third-party Applications

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  • Regarding the third party applications that you have downloaded (Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps and similar), you can manage your storage in “Settings”. Under “Settings,” go to “General” and click on “iPhone Storage.”
  • In “iPhone Storage”, you will find a list of your applications, with those that have the most data at the top.
  • If you touch any of these applications, you can see exactly how much space your “Documents and Data” is occupying.
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  • If your device is filling up, it will offer you recommendations on what to clean on the “iPhone Storage” page. Simply touch the “Show all” button next to “Recommendations” to read the descriptions of each one.
  • If you want to take any of the recommendations, simply touch “Activate”.
  • If you want to clean the space manually, go to the application instead and start deleting unnecessary files, such as old text conversations, playlists, photo albums, emails and the like.

Delete and Re-download Applications to Clear the Cache

  • If you have an application that is occupying a tremendous amount of space unnecessarily, then it might be worthwhile to remove the application and download it again, according to PCWorld. This is because your social applications are storing not only the passwords, but also the images and videos that you have already seen, and sometimes the only way to erase that cache is to erase it and erase a significant part of your stored data in cache
  • To delete an application, simply touch that application in the “iPhone Storage” menu and then press “Delete application” at the bottom of the page.
  • Please re-download it from the Apple Store and search for it or find it in your “My Purchases” list. If it is a paid application, you will not have to buy it again.

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