In case you are not living under a rock, you have probably discovered the most recent web sensation, Pokémon GO, which depends on an enlarged reality. When I got to the heart of the matter, many of my friends asked me if a person really needs to walk and go out, in reality, to move their symbol in fun. I revealed to them the game that is about the fun and they became frantic! The reason was that they can not always leave their house; Besides, they do not have much time.

Considering all things, they were not responding too much, but were actually correct. It just happened seven days since the fun was unloaded and officially we had heard so many evils that the fun had caused and from time to time, I think it is dangerous to play in my territory in light of the activity, the bad conditions of the street . and obviously the not so sure world in which we live

So today I will show you how you can play Pokémon GO on your PC safely and meanwhile enjoy the fun. The procedure will not be basic, however, do not worry, I will give you a well-ordered guide point by point that you can take later and run without problems. So, how about we start downloading each of the files we need?

You must download the following files

  • Download and install BlueStacks Player on your PC. The establishment is simple and, basically, you must follow the instructions on the screen to finish the configuration. Once the program is entered, do not release it yet. We should download a couple more files before we start.
  • Download KingRoot APK and LuckyPatcher APK. These applications will be used to collect the root access in the BlueStacks player and then present our application as a framework application.
  • Download fake locations (fake GPS form) and the APK developer options tool.
  • Finally, download the latest version of Pokémon GO.

You can save each of these files anywhere; whatever it is, the simulated locations should be stored in the document envelope on your PC.

How to make your BlueStacks Player ready for Pokemon Go

Open BlueStacks Player and sit down to wait for it to appear. Once this is done, explore the Android tab and from the left sidebar touch APK to submit KingRoot APK. Once the application is presented, you will discover it in the application area. Run it once to collect the root access in BlueStacks Player.
In the same way, enter the Lucky Patcher application and execute it. At the moment you are prompted for Root Permissions, confirm and close the application.
To submit the Location Spoofer application, open Lucky Patcher just introduced and then click on Rebuild and Install on the base. Here, explore the SD card -> Windows -> Documents and touch the Mock Locations application to present it. Be sure to select Install as a system application when requested by Lucky Patcher.
Enter the Developer Tool Tool APK normally and delete the choice, in case you see it activated. Also, open the Settings menu in BlueStacks and, under the configuration of the area, make sure that High precision is chosen.
Finally, install the Pokémon GO app to start playing fun.

Now play the game

Finally, when everything is set up, open Lucky Patcher and send the Mock Locations application. After the application is boosted, adjust and hang up in two areas of the guide (the region you need to investigate in Pokémon GO), which at that point you must choose. Next, touch Play catch. You will be asked to choose a speed and here, give 4 kmph with 1 hour as an imperative modifier and start the road. Your Android device will now get its application device area which is the key to play the fun of Pokémon GO.

At this time, send the Pokémon GO game, log in using your Google account and start playing. The symbol will be taken after the form you have given in the Mock Location application and you can gather Pokémon, take things from PokéStops and also make fights in the exercise center. If you do not mind making sure you kill the AR mode (Augmented Reality) and play the fun in a virtual situation.


This way, that was all the people, now you could play Pokémon GO on your PC. I continually guarantee you that you will not make huge jumps on the map or you may be banned from the area of ​​ridicule. Also, kill the PC area with Windows because of the possibility that you are committing area errors while playing fun. Anyway, in case you have an important stop in your inclusion and is protected, I would ask you to try to have fun there. It’s significantly more fun that way.

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