Here’s Why Google Pays Apple Billions To Keep It As The Default Search Engine On iPhones

Here’s Why Google Pays Apple Billions To Keep It As The Default Search Engine On iPhones

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Google pays Apple more than $ 9 billion a year to make it the default search engine on the iPhone.

Apple CEO Tim Cook defended Apple’s position by accepting billions of dollars from Google saying “it is the best search engine for iOS users”

Google has been accused of a number of privacy issues, such as the storage of location data, even when users have opted out of participating. Google also closed Google+ last month, as more than 500,000 accounts were violated.

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When asked about it, Cook told HBO: “I think your search engine is the best, look at what we’ve done with the controls we incorporate, we have private web browsing, we have an intelligent prevention of the tracker.” What I have tried to do is find ways to help our users throughout the day. It is not a perfect thing. I would be the first person to say that. But it’s a long way to help. ”

According to Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall, the payment for Google to remain the default search engine on iOS devices could increase to $ 12 billion in 2019.

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Previously, Cook has commented negatively on companies like Facebook and Google that get most of their money from advertising based on user data.

“We should not sweeten the consequences. This is surveillance. And these reserves of personal data only serve to enrich the companies that collect them, “Cook said in his speech on October 24.” This should make us feel very uncomfortable. It should worry us. “

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