Good News for Amazon Alexa Users, it will Soon Start Talking in Fluent Hindi

Good News for Amazon Alexa Users, it will Soon Start Talking in Fluent Hindi

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India is a leading emerging market for Amazon’s global team and the team is working on equipping this voice-based assistant with the capacity of more regional languages, which has become an essential part of the living rooms of the country. Although this smart speaker has just arrived in India a little while, but the popularity of smart devices like Alex is increasing rapidly in the country.

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Smart Speakers Market Share 59%

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the Amazon Smartphone market share of Amazon Echo was the highest at 59 percent in 2018, followed by Google Home’s 39 percent stake. Alexa Vice President and Chief Scientist Rohit Prasad said, ‘Yes, we are equipping Alexa with the capacity of regional languages ​​for the Indian market. But they are in the early stages. ‘ At the moment, Alexa can understand some Hinglish Commands, but its number is quite low.

Prasad said apart from Amazon’s pioneering program ‘Re: Mars’ organized here,’ It is a challenge for relevant, cultural as well as content related to us because the question is not that the language needs to be understood in Hindi. We can do this very easily, but whenever Alexa speaks Hindi, then it should come in Indian accent. There are many dialects and accents here, which Alex has to understand and answer accordingly.

According to him, even those jokes who look good in America will not be right in Indian languages. Prasad said, “Our challenges are not about language, but culture. We believe in providing an excellent experience to please our customers, but not giving them half-incomplete things. We are working on resolving these issues in Indian perspective. ” Apart from Alexa Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Telugu and other regional languages ​​will also speak. Prasad said, ‘We want that Alexa is everywhere and it does not speak like a machine but rather in a simple way.

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