Whether it’s a product or the operating system itself, having the main keyboard shortcuts withheld and using them every day can save you a lot of time in the long run. While some like the mouse progressively and feel that they could be more beneficial with that, the keyboard is something that you tend to use much more than the mouse and so know how to use it faster and better does not hurt.

In fact, we’ve secured 15 Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts that snap your eyes and surprise you. Today we will see 15 great alternative keyboard forms that you can use in VLC, one of the main media players between stages, to increase your profitability. The chances of you knowing them all are unlikely, so I demand that you look at them. You never know, a part of these can make things extremely simple for you in regards to playing videos in VLC.

Use the space bar to play and pause
Currently, two of the most used functions during the playback of a video are to play and pause, and therefore VLC distributed it to the biggest key on its keyboard, the space bar. While the spacebar is the accepted play / stop key with respect to media players, it can not be underestimated. For example, numerous variants of Windows Media Player do not. Then, know where it works and where it is not valuable.

Press F to toggle to full screen
So he has chosen a movie, has implanted the legend, prepared a popcorn tub, turned off the lights and then, finally, is ready to change the film to full screen and play it. Try not to waste your time with the mouse; simply press the ‘F’ key. It will give you the opportunity to switch from full screen mode to window mode in VLC.

Press A to change the aspect ratio
The aspect ratio in basic words is the width of the height ratio of the video. When you play a video, it does not fit your window, and as a result, you must try different proportions of predefined accessible perspective to extract the best. Using the configuration menu for aspect ratio cycle can be a real time conversation. Simply press the A button on the keyboard to do that quickly.

Press Z to change the zoom mode
Using Z you can quickly zoom in and out of the video in window mode. Cycles between a quarter, half, original and double.

Press Alt + Left / Alt + Right to rewind or fast forward
Do you need to avoid a couple of moments in the video? Essentially press the Alt button next to the direction key where you need to skip (right to go forward and go back to the left). Each key event will ignore 10 seconds of your video.

Press Ctrl + left / Ctrl + right to back or fast forward at medium speed
To skip a moment in the video, impersonate the Alt key in the previous shortcut with the Ctrl key.

Press Ctrl + Alt + left / Ctrl + Alt + right to fast forward or fast forward
In the event that the seconds and a moment are not long enough, simply consolidate both the Alt and Ctrl keys together with the directional button to skip 5 minutes of the video. In fact, that is the longest time you can get using the alternative, more than that, and you must use the search bar.

Press Ctrl + up / Ctrl + down to increase or decrease the volume
To reduce or increase the volume of the video, simply press the Ctrl key and use all the arrow keys. It is increasingly simple to use that alternative key to search for the volume button. In case your computer is shown with a quick volume work button, you can use it specifically to control the volume of the Windows device.

Press M to silence
There is not much to say about this. Pressing the M button will mute or mute the video.

Press Ctrl + E to adjust the audio and video effect
While playing a video or tune a melody, if you need to modify the sound or video impacts like the equalizer, shading contrasts, etc., pressing the Ctrl button next to E will speed up the Audio / Video Effects window.

Press T to see the elapsed time and the remaining time
In window mode, you can simply take a look at the search bar to get data regarding the glide and the remaining video time. In case you need to know the remaining time or that you slipped for the time of the video in full screen mode, basically press the T button to get three seconds of data in the upper right corner of the video.

Press +/- to play faster or slower
In case you need to watch your videos in adrenaline or in shooting mode (if you’re not a player, you probably will not get it), pressing the minus (-) button will slow down the playback speed of your video, and the more (+) it will increase.

Press N / P to play next in the list / play previous in the list
In case you have different tracks in your playlist, you can press the N or P key to play the previous or next media individually.

Press the S key to stop playback
In case you are not interested in the video or if you have had any critical work, press the S button to stop your video. In case you are in full screen mode, your video will stop and VLC will return to window mode.

Press Ctrl + H to hide or show the controls
With such a large number of shortcut keys that require on-screen control while viewing a video? Each one of them seems so superfluous! In case you want to protect these controls, you can press the Ctrl + H button. You can bring it back using it.

The more than 15 are the alternative keys that I use most in VLC while playing audio and video.

What shortcut will you use frequently? Do you know more great shortcuts? Let us know in the comments section.

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