Careful ! Facebook Listening to Your Audio Message

Careful ! Facebook Listening to Your Audio Message

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The social media company is in controversy over listening to audio messages from Facebook users. Media reports claimed that Facebook is using users’ messenger for this.

According to the report, the social media giant sent audio of anonymous conversations to a California-based company where employees would listen to it and then write it. However, Facebook has said that it has stopped transcribing audio recordings. The company said that like Google and Apple, we stopped the review of audio by humans a week ago. The report said that Facebook hired hundreds of contractors to listen to and copy the audio of the users. Contractors were not informed about how the audio was recorded and received.

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Facebook has denied the long-running rumors that it was listening to users’ private conversations in the wake of the advertisement. The company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg called it the Conspiracy Theory before the US Parliament Congress last year. He said that you are talking about the Conspiracy Theory, in which we are saying that we listen to what is going on your microphone and use it for advertisements. We do not do that.

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Users with voice chat confirmed this time by Facebook but said that this is happening only with users who have opted to write voice chat. Reportedly, Facebook never informed users that third parties could review their audio. The company’s privacy policy states that its systems automatically process content and communication for you and others but does not mention audio or humans copying it.

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