Dinesh Karthik Reveals why he Refused the Single to Krunal Pandya

Dinesh Karthik Reveals why he Refused the Single to Krunal Pandya

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India lost the final T20I against New Zealand by four runs. India was close to winning the game, but could not cross the finish line. The visitors needed 16 runs in the last over. He achieved two runs in the first ball and the zero in the second ball.

When he hit the third ball, there was the possibility of a single, but he refused. Krunal Pandya, who was hitting very well at the end, had no idea why he was denied the single. In the end, India lost by four runs with Karthik hit the last ball by a six.

The Tamil Nadu wicketkeeper recently opened up on why he refused to take the single. This is what he said, quoted by PTI.

“I think Krunal and I batted really well from that situation.” We were able to bring the match down to where the bowlers were under pressure. hit a six, “

He is known for his finishing game in the past. Then one can understand their mentality during that time.

However, the fans did not do well, as they began to criticize him. Even the Twitter handle of the Mumbai Indians dug it. That is what happens; When you comply, you will be hailed as a hero, but when you fail, everyone will point you out.

He also admitted that not only should he rely on his own ability, but he should also support the partner at the other end.

“As a middle-order batsman, a lot of times you have to trust your ability to play those big shots under pressure.It is also important to trust your partner at that time. in the game of cricket. “

Not only him, but it has happened to many cricketers in the past. Even the former Indian captain Dhoni once refused a single to Rayudu and could not finish the game. He was also criticized. Everything is part of the life of an athlete.

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