Slogans of Hindustan Zindabad Echoed in Kashmir, People Says: After 370 Now POK Turn

Slogans of Hindustan Zindabad Echoed in Kashmir, People Says: After 370 Now POK Turn

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Things are slowly returning to normal after the abolition of Section 370 from Kashmir. On the fourth day, shops and several schools were seen in Jammu. This brought a sigh of relief to the people. However, passenger vehicles like bus, auto are not yet visible on the road, due to which people are facing some problems. Along with this, the discussion of Article 370 in the markets was in full swing. For the sake of security, soldiers are stationed everywhere.

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According to the information, shops and business establishments opened in Akhnoor town on Thursday after being closed for three days. At the same time, the police announced to keep shops and business establishments open in the town from ten to four in the morning through loud speakers in the morning. But slogans are being raised against Pakistan in most places of Kashmir and the flag of Pakistan was burnt. At the same time, people demand that POK’s turn is done after removing 370.

After this there was no opposition, extended this period till evening. After four days, life became normal with the opening of the market. Due to non-movement of passenger vehicles, the movement of people was less, due to which the markets were listened.

People say that the situation is getting better now after the removal of 370 in the state. The administration should also remove Section 144, so that the problems of the people can be reduced.

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On Thursday, markets in the city and surrounding areas fully opened up on relief from restrictions. Several days later, buyers returned to the market with a glow. Section 144 was kept in force as a precaution, but barbed wire was withdrawn from markets and square intersections. This led to a general movement of vehicles and passers-by. There was relief from no untoward incident from anywhere.

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