Pakistani terrorists murder 12 year old boy after using him as human shield

Pakistani terrorists murder 12 year old boy after using him as human shield

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The terrorists of Lashkar-e-taiba murdered a 12-year-old boy in Hajin, Kashmir, Atif Mir, whom they had taken hostage after being surrounded by security forces in an anti-terrorist operation. The terrorists were killed by the security forces during a shootout.

Apparently, the terrorists, Ali and Hubaib, were Pakistani citizens. They were affiliated with Lashkar-e-Taiba.

Many appeals were made to the terrorists to let the child go, however, they did not pay attention to the requests. An elder from the village told the terrorists: “Do whatever you want, but this is not Jihad but Jahalat. Please release the child, “he said, but they killed the helpless child.

The incident occurred 33 kilometers north of Srinagar in Mir Mohalla, Hajin, where terrorists had forced themselves into the boy’s house at gunpoint, police officials said on Friday. The terrorists wanted to rape his sister, but the family managed to help her escape. Enraged, they beat family members, including the boy and his uncle, Hameed. The neighbors who heard the cries of the family, informed the police.

The forces then managed to secure the release of the parents and other family members, however, the boy and his uncle remained trapped inside. While the police made an appeal through Aqeqa Begum to free their nephew and husband, they simultaneously made an intervention in the room and managed to get Hameed out. The child, however, could not be rescued. He was killed by the terrorists.

“All night I was praying for his life. Why would someone kill him? He was only 12 years old, “said Shareefa Jan, Atif’s mother told The Indian Express,” I begged the militants to release him, but they refused to allow my son to leave. “What had my son done to them? too young to be dead. “

According to reports, the terrorists were Pakistanis. At the funeral, villagers were extremely angry and openly criticized Pakistani terrorists for using a 12-year-old boy as a human shield and murdering him.

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