Media loses it after Budget 2019: From ‘Hindi imposition’ to ‘where is the money’

Media loses it after Budget 2019: From ‘Hindi imposition’ to ‘where is the money’

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The interim minister of Finance, Piyush Goyal, today presented the provisional budget 2019, which is also the last budget of the first term of this government. Some sweeping announcements were made in the budget, such as full tax reimbursement for people with annual incomes of up to 5 lakh rupees, structured income support for farmers, mega-pension for workers in the unorganized sector and much more.

While the budget seems to provide relief to individual taxpayers and farmers, it has caused deep concern among certain regular suspects in the media. Some had problems with the budget that was presented in Hindi and others could not stop worrying about the origin of money. Here are some “serious” concerns expressed by certain journalists about the budget and the ingenious reactions of the people:

As some journalists expressed concern about the origin of the money, people rushed to make suggestions.

People also wondered why these worried people did not care about money when Rahul Gandhi promised them a minimum universal base income.

The next thing on the line were some colonized brains who raised objections about the use of Hindi in the budget, stating that half of the country can not understand the language.

This caused people to question their logic.

It seems that certain sections of the media can not overcome their compulsive disorder of finding fault with everything or anything that the Modi government does. Again and again, their prejudices are exposed by ordinary people, which shows that they reflect anything but reality.

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