Convicted of 2 years in prison for rioting, Hardik Patel joins Congress of Rahul Gandhi to “serve 125 million people”

Convicted of 2 years in prison for rioting, Hardik Patel joins Congress of Rahul Gandhi to “serve 125 million people”

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Right after the Election Commission announced the dates of the election of Lok Sabha in 2019, the convicted Hardik Patel announced that he will join the National Congress of India to “serve 125 million people in the country.”

Hardik Patel also said that if there is no “legal obstacle” and that the party (Congress) decides to include it in electoral politics, it will abide by the party’s decision. On March 9, 2019, Hardik Patel requested to suspend his sentence in a case of riot in which he was sentenced and sentenced to 2 years in prison, and that would prevent him from fighting the elections. In August 2018, the court suspended his sentence and released him on bail. However, since he is still sentenced and the sentence was not suspended by the court, he could not fight in the elections.

Hardik Patel, who has now joined the Congress, had threatened to launch a stir against Rahul Gandhi if Congress did not make clear Patidar’s reservations. Interestingly, Rahul Gandhi has not yet made his position clear, however, that has not stopped Hardik Patel from taking Arvind Kejriwal and joining the Congress.

The Patidar Andolan in Gujrat had paralyzed the state in 2015, as widespread incidents of violence and confrontations had led to intense situations of law and order. A total of 9 people died and the Army was deployed to maintain peace. A total of 5,000 paramilitary personnel had to be placed in different cities to help control the situation. Then, Hardik Patel, 22, made several objectionable comments at a rally that had turned violent.

Hardik Patel is now convicted of causing disturbances in Mehasana and has been convicted of charges related to arson and the creation of an uproar at the BJP MLA Rushikesh Patel office. The charges of sedition have also been framed against him.

In early February, his close collaborator Nikhil Savani had turned himself in to the police in case of disturbances and fires.

In July 2018, after Hooch’s alleged tragedy, the ‘Merchants of Menace’, Jignesh Mevani, the MLA Alpesh Thakor Congress and Hardik Patel, staying true to their ‘forever agitating’ image, decided to launch a stir against the liquor and liquor liquor. on its own. Two days after this raid, the police have reserved the “Traders of the threat” for the charges of rape of the house and the presentation of false evidence about the confiscation of liquor from the house they raided.

With its colorful history, while Hardik Patel is now craving a Lok Sabha ticket, his political career has been less than impressive, except for the violence he has unleashed in India. In 2018, Hardik Patel was greeted with eggs and sandals in Madhya Pradesh and headed to a rally full of empty chairs in Bhopal.

In September 2018, Hardik had sat in an unsuccessful “indefinite fast”, and when he realized that fasting is not gaining him political capital, he ended his fast and left for a one-month strategy session. Surely it would seem that what we have witnessed today is the result of that one month strategy session.

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