Congress is an Antithesis of Gandhian Culture, says Narendra Modi.

Congress is an Antithesis of Gandhian Culture, says Narendra Modi.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Tuesday, made a biting attack on Congress led by Rahul Gandhi and said that the main opposition party in the country has forgotten the way shown by Mahatma Gandhi. The prime minister expressed his firm views on the Congress in a blog titled “When a handful of salt shook an Empire!”.

In his blog, the prime minister accused the Congress party of dividing the country into caste and religion lines and promoting the culture of the dynasty.

“In many of his works, Gandhi Ji said he does not believe in inequality and caste divisions Unfortunately, Congress has never hesitated to divide society The worst caste riots and anti-Dalit massacres occurred under the Congress government, “the prime minister wrote the blog.

The Prime Minister declared that Mahatma Gandhi had understood the culture of the Congress very well, “that is why he wanted the Congress to be dissolved, especially after 1947”.

When considering Congress and corruption as two sides of a coin, the Prime Minister accused Congress and its leaders of getting involved with their necks.

Quoting the ‘Father of the Nation’ saying that mismanagement and corruption always go hand in hand, Prime Minister Modi said that while his government “did everything possible” to punish the corrupt, “the nation has seen how the Congress and corruption have become synonymous, name the sector and there will be a swindle in Congress: from defense, telecommunications, irrigation, sporting events to agriculture, rural development and more. “

He accused Congress leaders of “filling their own bank accounts and leading luxurious lifestyles at the expense of providing basic needs to the poor.”

Prime Minister Modi also accused Congress of promoting the “culture of the dynasty,” although Mahatma Gandhi “despised” dynastic politics.

The prime minister also shared the link of his blog with millions of his followers on his Twitter account.

The striking prime minister’s blog also spoke about Mahatma Gandhi’s famous Dandi March, which then shook the roots of the powerful British Empire.

The prime minister began calling Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, who said he was the main man who planned every minute aspect of the Dandi March.

Prime Minister Modi also referred to the Emergency imposed by the Congress government led by Indira Gandhi and said: ” A firm believer in democracy, Bapu said, ‘I understand that democracy is something that gives the weak the same opportunity that to the strong ones’. Ironically, Congress gave the nation the Emergency, when our democratic spirit was trampled. Congress abused article 356 several times. If they did not like a leader, that government was fired. Always willing to promote the dynastic culture, Congress does not take into account democratic values. “

He quoted Mahatma Gandhi as saying: “I regret to say that many congressmen have considered this issue (Swaraj) as a mere political necessity and not as something indispensable … I would like to give the whole Congress a decent burial, instead of supporting the corruption that is rampant. “

The prime minister concluded by saying that “fortunately”, today the country has a government that is “working on the path of Bapu and a Jan Shakti who is fulfilling his dream of liberating India from the culture of Congress.”

The prime minister’s blog came after the increase of the congressional attack on the government of Narendra Modi for the recent attack of Pulwama.

“The choice is between the India of Mahatma Gandhi and the India of Nathuram Godse with love on the one hand and hatred for the other,” Congress President Rahul Gandhi told the workers of his group on Monday, a day after that the Lok Sabha elections were announced.

In a total attack against Prime Minister Modi, Gandhi’s son skinned him on a series of issues such as Rafale’s agreement, Doklam, employment generation, national security and alleged agrarian distress.

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