Congratulations, Finally Someone in Congress Could do Arithmetic

Congratulations, Finally Someone in Congress Could do Arithmetic

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In a tweet that can only be interpreted as the party in Congress that recognizes the recently acquired skills of the unitary method in mathematics of its president Rahul Gandhi, the official report of the party tweeted the revolutionary discovery that there is a fundamental difference between Rs. 6000 per year and Rs. 500 per month.

In the 2019 Budget, one of the most important announcements was the structured income support that will be provided to farmers through the Pradhan Mantri Krishan Samridhi Yojana. Rs. 6000 will be provided to farmers with less than 2 hectares of land per year in three installments. It will cost the state Rs. 75,000 crore per year. In addition, a subsidy of 2% interest has been granted to farmers who practice animal husbandry and fishing. An additional interest subsidy of 1% will be granted if the loans are repaid on time.

Congress took to Twitter to try to criticize this movement. In their tweets, the Congress party claimed that while Rs. 6000 per year was a promise, Rs. 500 per month was reality. And therefore, the promise of Rs. 6000 per year was a ‘jumla’.

If tweeting shame once was not enough, the party published it again. But this time, in Hindi.

But even then, the tweets were not correct since the farmers will be paid the amount in three installments and not Rs 500 each month.

While the Modi government gave people a lot to smile through the announcements made by the acting Finance Minister Piyush Goyal in his speech on the budget. The Congress party contributed to this through its tweets.

While the president of the Congress Party could never be accused of possessing a high degree of intellect, it seems that his creative ideas are also spreading to other members of the party. However, Congress deserves to be congratulated for at least doing its arithmetical right.

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