CAA also Implemented in Jammu and Kashmir, now Rohingya will be out

CAA also Implemented in Jammu and Kashmir, now Rohingya will be out

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New Delhi: On the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), Union Minister Jitendra Singh made it clear that this law will also apply in Jammu and Kashmir and Rohingya refugees will have to leave from here. He said that Rohingya will have to leave Jammu and Kashmir and we will make full preparations for their deportation.

Union Minister Jitendra Singh said how the Rohingya came to Jammu and Kashmir. Why was this done? Was he brought to Jammu to change the demographic of Jammu? All these should be investigated. On the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in Jammu and Kashmir, Union Minister Jitendra Singh made it clear on Friday that the day the CAA Act was passed from Parliament, it came into force here. The government’s next step will be about the deportation of Rohingya refugees so that they cannot protect themselves under the new law of citizenship.

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He demanded an inquiry into how Rohingya refugees migrated through many areas of West Bengal to the northern part of Jammu. Jitendra Singh said that the day the CAA Act was passed in Parliament, the same day it came into force in Jammu and Kashmir. There is no agony about implementing CAA in Jammu and Kashmir. Now the next step here will be on the deportation of Rohingya refugees.

The Union Minister admitted in a 3-day training program of officials of Jammu and Kashmir on the General Fund Rules that a large number of Rohingya refugees live in Jammu region. Jitendra Singh said that the matter is under consideration at the Center about what his (Rohingyas) deportation plans will be. The list will be prepared. Biometric identity cards will be given wherever required, as the CAA does not provide any benefit to the Rohingya.
He said, “They do not belong to the 6 (religious) minorities (who will be given citizenship under the new law).” Nor do they belong to any of those 3 (neighboring) countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan). He said that people of Rohingya community came here from Myanmar and hence they have to return.

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