BJP hails ‘Historic’ decision of 10% reservation for upper castes, Opposition calls it ‘Election Gimmick’

BJP hails ‘Historic’ decision of 10% reservation for upper castes, Opposition calls it ‘Election Gimmick’

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New Delhi: Calling it a historic decision, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday commended the decision of the Union Cabinet to approve a 10% reserve in jobs and educational institutions for the economically backward section in the general category.

“It is a historic step for the Modi government, it is aimed at the economically weaker upper caste sections, whose annual profit is less than Rs.8 lakhs and who own less than 5 acres of land, it will not affect other reserve categories” , Vijay Sampla, MoS For social justice and empowerment, he said.

Welcoming the decision, the deputy for BJP and the leader of the Dalit Udit Raj said that the 50 percent limit on the quota is not a constitutional link and a reservation can be made even up to 70 percent.

The government is likely to present a constitutional amendment bill in parliament on Tuesday, the Cabinet said, adding that the quota will exceed the existing 50 percent reserve.

The opposition, however, lashed out at the Center describing the movement as an ‘electoral trick’ and accusing the BJP of posing before the Lok Sabha elections this year.

“Bohot der kar di meherbaan aate aate, that also when the elections are just around the corner, no matter what they do, what jumlas they give, nothing is going to save this government,” said Congress leader Harish Rawat.

Speaking on the subject, the head of the AAP and the Delhi minister, Arvind Kejriwal, said: “The government should extend the session of Parliament and present a constitutional amendment immediately, otherwise it is simply an electoral trick.”

The leader of the National Conference, Omar Abdullah, approached Twitter and said: “The reserve for the economically backward upper castes The cornet that announces the elections has sounded really and truly”.

For the implementation of the decision, the Constitution will have to be amended, since the Supreme Court had put in 1992 a maximum limit of 50 percent in the reserve based on the caste.

The immensely significant decision, based on economic criteria rather than the social or religious base, comes only a few months before the Lok Sabha polls.

It will benefit the higher castes not only of Hindus but also of Muslims and Christians, said a government source.

The criteria for taking advantage of the benefits include annual family income of up to Rs 8 lakh and agricultural land up to 5 acres, the source added.

Among the Hindus, the castes that would benefit from the decision include Brahmin, Banya, Bhaiyya, Thakur`s and Kayasthas, the source said.

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