APP Leader : Appealing People to Vote for Goons if it Helps to Defeat BJP

APP Leader : Appealing People to Vote for Goons if it Helps to Defeat BJP

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The Aam Aadmi Party is be restless to defeat the BJP, it is coming out in ridiculous ways. Kejriwal ever begs to beg from Rahul Gandhi for the alliance in the tone of voice, and at that time the BJP starts blaming the Congress by predicting it to return to power. Now his leader, Atti, has appealed the goons leaders of the alliance to vote for ‘Man-Mar-kar’ so that the BJP can be defeated.

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Its our responsibility that we have to put such a vote there on such a candidate, of party that can beat the BJP there. But we also know that it is a fact that there is no single party all over the country which can beat the BJP. There are different parties in different states that have the power to defeat the BJP.

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The alliance is ready on the same conceptual land. For more than two decades, the SP-BSP fighting with each other has come together, the Congress is leading a major coalition in any state, someone has a third-fourth number partner and in any election only against the general body Is fighting Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal once used to describe himself as the biggest enemy of corruption in the country, now he has done everything from pleading for Rahul Gandhi to alliance to hug Laloo Yadav’s .

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