You went to London for evidence against EVMs, now go to Balakot – Rajyavardhan Rathore fires shot at Sibal

You went to London for evidence against EVMs, now go to Balakot – Rajyavardhan Rathore fires shot at Sibal

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Shortly after the Indian Air Force carried out air strikes inside Pakistan’s Balakot, destroying a Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist camp that functioned as a jihadist training center, the majority of India’s political opposition came out repeating the version of the declarations of Pakistan.

Some of the generally anti-Indian international media have also picked up the narrative of the air attacks and have continued with Pakistan’s claim that the attack did not kill any terrorist.

Many of the statements of the Indian opposition politicians have found their place in the propaganda of the Pakistani media and are acclaimed by their politicians who have always been in denial mode due to the presence of terrorists in their territory.

The leader of the Congress, Kapil Sibal, is the last opposition politician to join the bandwagon .

Kapil Sibal had published an accusatory tweet stating that Prime Minister Modi is politicizing air strikes, as international media do not report evidence of militant losses.

The call of Sibal from the version sold by some of the international media ignored the many governments and international agencies that have confirmed the air attack and supported India, as it was convened by the union minister Rajyavardhan Rathore.

It is notable here that many of the claims and statements of the Congress party against the Indian government after the air strikes were also hailed and propagated by Pakistan.

Rathore politely reminded Sibal of the fiasco in which he was seen attending a press conference in which a dubious self-proclaimed “hacker” had claimed that India’s EVMs could be hacked, without offering a shred of evidence.

Doing an excavation in Sibal, Rathore alleged that he believes that the international media have little faith in Indian intelligence agencies. He also said that just as Sibal had traveled to London to gather evidence against the EVMs, he should also travel to Balakot to verify if the claims made by the Indian agencies are true.

It is notable here that the whole episode of “claiming hacking EVM” has ended in a colossal shame for Congress and Sibal. The self-proclaimed hacker was also discredited by the same organizations for which he claimed to have worked.

After the Pulwama attack, the Indian Air Force conducted precise air strikes to attack multiple JeM terror camps along the LoC. One of them is in Balakot of Pakistan. The marshal’s Air Chief had confirmed yesterday that his attacks had hit the intended targets. JeM himself had confirmed the attacks on his camp in Balakot in his official weekly newspaper. An audio clip of Masood Azhar’s brother, Maulana Amar, who talks about the blow in the Balakot camp, has also appeared.

However, accusing BJP and PM Modi of politicizing air strikes has become a hobby for several opposition leaders, when in reality they are the ones who are politicizing the incident and undermining the Indian Armed Forces by questioning the authenticity of strikes and evidence. to support him.

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