UP Police claim, on 20 December, Anti-CAA Rioters in Meerut tried to trap and burn Policemen alive in the house

UP Police claim, on 20 December, Anti-CAA Rioters in Meerut tried to trap and burn Policemen alive in the house

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The UP police has made a big claim amid reports of violence against the citizenship law. The Uttar Pradesh Police has claimed that the rioters tried to burn policemen alive by locking them in a house during the violence that erupted against the ‘Citizenship Amendment Act’ on 20 December 2019 in Meerut. Police released video of the nuisance in Meerut.

Organizations like PFI and SDPI have emerged as the masterminds of violence in western Uttar Pradesh. The Meerut police has sent four people from both these organizations to jail, including the state president of SDPI. After which the SITs under the leadership of SP Crime are being investigated for further involvement of these organizations. It is believed that many more arrests will be made by the workers of these organizations.

Actually, Meerut was hit by violence on December 20. The miscreants tried to set the city on fire, during this violence five people were also killed. There were also several revelations in the police investigation, after which the names of the people plotting violence in Meerut have also come to light. Activities of activists of the banned organization People’s Front of India and Social Democratic Party of India have come to light. According to police officers, the officers of these organizations worked to incite people. Objectionable and inflammatory material was distributed among them which made people angry and became violent on the streets.

Police arrested SDPI state president Noor Hasan and his driver Abdul Mueed Hasami. Earlier, the police arrested two PFI members and sent them to jail. They have all been accused of producing and distributing inflammatory material. According to administrative officials, around 14 such organizations including SDPI, PFI, Simmi have been monitored. During the violence, these facts were revealed on the call records and the report of the LIU, after which the police administration is busy searching for such people. So far four people from Nauchandi and Lisari Gate area of ​​Meerut have been arrested and sent to jail.

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