Strike 4 for Nirav Modi as London Court Again Rejects Bail Application

Strike 4 for Nirav Modi as London Court Again Rejects Bail Application

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The diamond trader of PNB fraud diamond trader Nirav Modi has not received any relief from the UK High Court. The High Court has refused to grant bail to Nirav Modi. Nirav Modi’s bail petition has been rejected for the fourth time. After this London High Court’s decision, Nirav has to stay in jail for the time being. Let me tell you, the UK High Court had completed the hearing on the fugitive Nirav Modi’s petition on Tuesday only. Nirav challenged the decision to deny bail to the lower court in the High Court.

Hearing was Completed a Day Ago

Nirav Modi is trying to get the deal with PNB not handed over to India in the fraud and money laundering case of nearly $ 2 billion. Judge Ingrid Simler, who was hearing a fugitive businessman’s petition, completed the hearing on Tuesday. Justice Ingrid Simler said on Tuesday that this matter is important, so some time will be needed to consider it. At the same time, he had murmurs on Wednesday for the decision.

Nirav’s Bail Application Rejected Three Times

Earlier, the Westminster Magistrate’s court has dismissed Nirv’s bail application three times. Thus, his bail plea has been dismissed four times till date. The court feels that Nirav can run away from the UK if he gets bail. Neerav’s lawyer Claire Montgomery said in the High Court, “The reality is that Neerav is not the co-founder of Modi WikiLeaks Julian Assange, who has taken refuge in Ecuador’s embassy, ​​but is just an ordinary Indian jeweler.”

Can Run away after Being Released on Bail

Montgomery had said in the High Court, “The reality is that Nirwa Modi is not a horrific criminal, as is being claimed on behalf of the Indian government. He is a jeweler and he is considered to be honest and trustworthy. ‘ Justice Symler intervened on this and indicated this fear that Neervu could run away after being released on bail. He said that Modi has the means to escape from Britain and in this case it will have to be kept in mind. He said that it is a matter of ‘huge amount of money’.

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