Trying to Make the Terrorists Human??…Shame on You

Trying to Make the Terrorists Human??…Shame on You

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Osama was a good father, the father of Burhan Wani was the headmaster, the son of Afzal Guru brought so many numbers in the twelfth, Ahmed Dar was beaten by the army, due to the people of the army terrorists … Such headlines will make you consistent with the community of journalism. Will continue to meet. It is always their line that the person who took so much knowledge, he was a good man, and the responsibility of his evil is also on the victims.

It does not stop here, because these are those people who run the agenda of Pakistan in India, which Pakistan uses in its defense. Seeing such things, on such occasions, it is said that these people are the loudspeakers on the mosque for the ideology of those terrorists who amplify it. This comes out from his articles as if he was behind the brutal murder of the soldiers, and not the terrorists.

Even after such incidents, they seek to find the ‘second angle’, or always try to find such angles as to where their condolences are. In the headlines, ‘dead’ for the sacrifice, ‘local youth’ for the terrorists, use words like ‘Blame’ and ‘Akewes’ to blame Pakistan, it shows that you have to sell Pakistani and terrorist ideology too. , And we also have to wear Indiana’s mask.

Some of these are helpless people of habit and they are the same kind of misunderstandings. Whether it is Barkha Dutt’s’ Headmaster father ‘, Quint’s’ good father Osama’, or ‘Pallavama terrorist Ahmed Dar, who wants to become a’ cleric ‘of the scroll, these people always keep telling that how such fatal terrorists are good And there were gentle people.

Introduction to such mental neutrality Several times the court heard Prant Bhushan, who heard the scandal wrote that the army had ever beaten Ahmed Dar for some reason, so he became a terrorist. Along with this, Bhushan also wrote that due to such acts, people become terrorists. It is a different level of nudity in itself. If the army wounded him, then what did he do to punish him without any reason? Did Prashant Bhushan try to find out whether Ahmed was driving a stone on Darar Army, or was obstructing his work, or was cooperating with anti-national agitation? There is silence on this because there are 280 characters in the tweet, and the lawyer like Prashant Bhushan also asks for money to breathe!

In the last days, most of the media houses, together with the families of the soldiers, show their stories that how many people are hurt by this unauthorized sacrifice. Such heart-breaking stories are being brought to the people who hear the body starts shaking. Taking the anchor on the TV does not stop myself from this emotional moment, their tears are extinguished. People of the families of the soldiers are telling that someone was going to get married, someone was talking on the phone when the blast happened, someone had said that he would build the house when he came on vacation …

These are the people whose families are not as financially capable, the lamp of the house was the same for them. It is also worth mentioning that this quint, scroll, NDTV and Bhushan are rude to talk of dalits, disadvantaged and backward, according to their need, and these are the same people who remember this on the sacrifice of people of the same social level. The terrorist who took the lives of 44 people had a valid reason!

You are free to say that the journalist wrote the same which his parents said. But, does not it tell you to print such things that you are blaming the terrorism ideology? You are trying to justify somewhere that if someone makes a schoolboy a pate, a scarf, a cock, then take three hundred kilos of explosives and bump into the army’s trains?

Or, do you think the people who read the news are so stupid that they will feel that this is mere reporting? This is everything except reporting. It tells what is the extreme level of anesthesia in journalism. Like hearing about the attack on the Parliament, Rajdeep’s eyes are blown away. Telling the story of terrorists like Burhan Wani, Barkha Datta wants to tell the world that his father was a headmaster, and the training of the Indian government was involved in the formation of terrorists!

In the rounds of TV and media sites round the clock, journalists always keep on searching the new angle for hits and clicks, there is no harm in it. But in the desire to get a new angles, coming down on a purely meanness and trying to tell the war-wreaking powers against the country as ‘the favored of humanity’, what does that mean?

When will the people who try to poison nationalism, finally pull their line? Is there a minimum level to be nationalist? Or worrying about the country, feeling hurt on the sacrifice of its soldiers, sloganeering in support of the country is a crime, and if it is reportedly done by the Army to torture the child, it is advisable to kill 40 soldiers with a loaded car carrying RDX Work?

It is an absurdity that the child of his family also died. Shame should be such a mother and father who is trying to justify this mischief in any way. At least that much should be said that straightforward say that you and your family are against India, not that it was beaten by the armyman one day, so he did it! What kind of upbringing is this?

Will the father of a rapist and these media people stand in his favor saying that the girl had turned down her? Will the mother of the person throwing acid on the girl say that the girl had thrown the rose of her son? The rapist was a frustrated person, and his headmaster father has said that he also has the grief to stay away from his son because he is in jail? Is this a new angle of news too?

These unique slips come in the center of every misfortune, the community of Indian journalism, the gang of vultures, who are not worried about the sacrifice of the soldiers, they need a new and different angle that the rest are meeting the soldiers of the jawans, Let’s meet! After that? After that, to say that both of them are facing the same kind of sadness?

Such insensitive reports and such thinking tells that these people are not just journalism, they are multipliers for the ideology of terrorists, they convey their point of view, their jihadist ideas at the astral level, to the people who are comfortable After reading them gradually, they start questioning the same army of their country, due to which the poison of jihad has not reached their society and city.

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