Balakot Air Strike featuring in Air Force Promotional VIDEO

Balakot Air Strike featuring in Air Force Promotional VIDEO

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New Delhi: After the Pulwama Terror Attack on February 14, the evidence of the air strike in Balakot, which has entered India from across the border Pakistan, has been made public for the first time. In the promotional film of the Air Force, excerpts from the footage of the Balakot air strike of 26 February are shown. Air Force Day is observed on 8 October. Before that this video was shown during the Airforce Day press conference. It also shows video footage of Jambaz Bahadur who carried out Operation Balakot.

On this occasion, the Chief of the Air Force, Air Chief Marshal Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadoria said that the Air Force has achieved many important achievements in the last one year. This includes successfully targeting and destroying the terrorist camps in Balakot on 26 February. He also said that on 27 February, in the air battle with Pakistan, the Indian Air Force lost a MiG-21 and an F-16 of Pakistan was destroyed.

After a Mi-17 helicopter crash in Srinagar on 27 February, the Air Force Chief said that the Court of Inquiry was completed in this case. It was our fault because our own missile hit the helicopter. We will take action against the two guilty officers. We accept this as our biggest mistake and assure that such mistake will not happen again in future.

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On the possibility of an air strike like Balakot again, the Air Chief said that if a terrorist attack (from Pakistan’s side) happened again, the response will be given as per the decision of the government. On the incidents of small drones being used against Pakistan by India, the Chief of Air Force said that this is a new type of threat and preparations are being made to deal with this problem. This is also a case of space violation and necessary steps have been taken.

When asked by the Air Force chief whether Pakistan can block communication with its pilots of India as it did in the Wing Commander Abhinandan Vardhaman case, he said that we have taken steps towards safe radio communication. They will not be able to listen to our communication.

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On the future plans of the Air Force, he said that the Rafale and S-400 Air Defense Missile System will increase the capabilities of the Airforce.

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