You Snooze, You Lose! 4 Hacks to Get Out of Bed When That Alarm Goes Off

You Snooze, You Lose! 4 Hacks to Get Out of Bed When That Alarm Goes Off

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Did you know that more than 57% of Indian press the repeat button? That adds up to 3.5 months of our lives simply by dozing! Why would we waste our time dozing when the intention is to get up to do things? Is it laziness, lack of discipline, motivation or commitment? It does not really matter.

The fact is that you can not be as productive as you want when you get up late from bed! That is the obvious part. The not so obvious part is how to get out of bed, when every part of you screams to sleep a little more. First we create a little pain, because I assume that you do not really see the inconveniences of dozing, or you are ignorant and ignorance will never give you the results you want.

Sabotage the success

Did you know that every time you intend to wake up early and not follow it, dramatically decrease your confidence and confidence in yourself? Your word for you begins to mean less and less. You can tell yourself that I will do this, but you know you probably will not.

Nothing will sabotage your success more than losing faith in your own word. You need confidence to get results in life! Are you someone who keeps his word or not? Either you are or you are not

The second consequence is that you are losing income and with amazing results you could have before. Why choose the easier things now and have a harder life later on, when you can choose the most difficult things now and have an easier life later on? Do not settle for life, this will never fulfill you.

4 tricks to get out of bed when the alarm sounds:

1. Do not negotiate with your brain

If you start negotiating with your brain, you will always lose. So do not go there, do not even start that conversation in your mind! If you have decided to get out of bed, do it and keep your word. Why change your mind in the morning?

The “pleasure seeking” part of your brain is always in automatic mode and is so strong that your “pre-frontal” cortex does not have much chance of winning this battle when you are half asleep in bed. Once you’re out of bed, pile habit. It is the 5 seconds rule, it is already up, do not dare to return. Do exactly what you would usually do. Do you go straight to the shower or do you drink a glass of lemon juice? Know what you are going to do to stop thinking about it!

“Lose an hour in the morning and you will spend all day looking for it.” – Richard Whately

2. Look at your identity

You behave according to what you believe. You believe what you repeat. Look at your own language, what do you say about getting up? Do you say things like? “It is very difficult to get out of bed in the morning” or “I have never been a person in the morning”. What you say becomes your reality and motivates or demotivates you.

What you want to say to yourself is: “Just get out of bed. It’s easy, just get up. I can do this because I want, decide and control my actions. I have the control “. I can almost guarantee that, if you struggle to get up when the alarm sounds, there is a part of your identity that believes that this is what you are. If you change the way you talk to yourself, about who you are and tell yourself that you can do anything, because that’s what you said, your actions will be completely different.

3. Jumping out of bed

Unless you have a very convincing reason, I know it would be hard to get out of bed. We need to use our minds to motivate ourselves to action, and the best way to do that is to get excited the day before. Write at least 5 reasons on a sheet of paper; Make a list of why you want to jump out of bed tomorrow. This can take 2 minutes! The next morning, when the alarm goes off, look at that piece of paper, immediately to know what awaits you and get up.

4. Use responsibility and group pressure.

Create a game with your friends, family, coach, colleagues or business partner, I do not care who you are, as long as you know that person will be responsible. Have fun, take a fully clothed and bathed photo and send it to your co-worker, or ask for a “penalty” if you do not, such as taking your friend out to dinner or your spouse every time you sleep. Your support system The point is that no matter what system you set up, how crazy it may seem, what matters is whether it works.

Remember, you do not need to make big changes from the beginning, if you think an hour or a 30 minute change is too much, start with 5 minutes earlier every day or 10 minutes earlier each week. You should be getting enough sleep and not sleeping too much either. You have a life and if you are a business owner, I know that you are losing results and you are also lowering your trust indirectly.

“Life is getting up an hour early to live an hour more.”

You can have the best intentions of getting up earlier every day, but if you let the repeat button control you, you will never fulfill your intentions or get your results! It is the small changes that can give us the greatest results. Try one of these tricks to get out of that bed in the morning and finally recover your time! Do not let it be more powerful than you.

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