These 5 Problems Occur to Left-Handers, Still not Solved

These 5 Problems Occur to Left-Handers, Still not Solved

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‘Left Handers Day’ is the day of all those people who do all their work with left hand. Many true and false stories involving left handers are heard. But do you know that really left handed people have to face many minor problems in normal life.

Often you have seen that people turn pages with right hand while reading newspaper or book. People have more difficulty in turning the page with the left hand than with the right hand. Due to repeated wipe of the left hand in front of the left handers’ eyes, attention is also distracted.

Entry and exit machines installed at special places also give more convenience to right handers. You have hardly seen a place to press the card on the left hand side.

In the case of music instruments, this issue is even more complicated. Most instruments are designed keeping the right handers in mind. Left people cannot play these instruments. So they have to buy musical instruments keeping their hands in mind. Many people have to use the guitar by tying the strings of the guitar or violin to the opposite end.

Usually, people push their right hand forward while shaking hands with someone, but left handers do the same thing left hand. In such a situation, they have to face many problems at the first meeting.

Left and right handers also use the mouse in a completely different way. If left handers use the mouse with their left hand, then they use the middle finger instead of the ring finger to click them.

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