Study says Indian Daters are Surprisingly Gender Sensitive

Study says Indian Daters are Surprisingly Gender Sensitive

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If what you most commonly associate with dating as an Indian millennial is the date of the quotes on the cheesy side of the sea and the “Hello deer” appearing in the DM, you will be surprised. While there is no way to guarantee that your inbox will remain unchanged, dating trends seem to be changing for the better. A recent study conducted by a dating application reveals a surprising fact, and there could be a massive change in the way Indians approach gender equations in relationships.

OkCupid asked millennials what they think about gender roles in relationships and their perception of the #Metoo movement.
The results are unexpected, to say the least, since they point towards a more progressive mentality. Does that mean that women can finally get rid of questions like “Can you cook for two?” Perhaps!

Well, at least now we know that there is a better chance of colliding with that guy who does not want you to stay and have his babies. With 88% of male users and 95% of OkCupid users defining the word f as equality between all genders, we are finally getting somewhere.

Unsurprisingly, the overwhelming majority (92%) of women believe that the responsibility of managing a household and raising children should be divided equally between couples.

Most male users of OkCupid also felt the same, with 88% stating this opinion. This shows that generations of patriarchal values ​​are finally losing their grip on the Indian psyche, with men finally offering to carry their weight around the house!

The study also shows that the #Metoo movement has impacted the Indian people. There was a majority in the numbers of those who supported the movement. This is true in all genders: 85% of women and 81% of men proclaim their support.

In addition, as many as 86% of all men and women in the OkCupid community believe that harassment in the workplace should not be tolerated at all and that they would defend a colleague who is being harassed.

An interesting finding is a mixed response to whether the millennial Indian wants to go out with a feminist. A group of women said they would not want to date someone who does not identify as a feminist.

This is also closely related to the fact that while more than 80% of the men and women in the OkCupid community call themselves feminists, only 17% of men care whether the person they date is a feminist. or not. On the other hand, 53% of women would not date someone who is not a feminist.

While the culture of dating in India has many miles to go before it can be a playground for men and women, the data is reassuring. It is safe to say that we can restore our faith in the current dating scene.

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