Yoga to Make the Face Beautiful

Yoga to Make the Face Beautiful

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The effect of age comes first on the face. Even though there is not much age, the face is faded due to urban pollution. In many parts of the Yoga Steps, or in subtle exercises, many such Steps have been reported, which can be maintained by eroding the facial wrinkles.

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Yoga Steps for the Eye, Eyebrows, Cheeks and Ears :

Step 1- Keep the eyes straight by holding the neck upwards, first four to six times up and down and then right-to-left. After that turn around four to six times in the right-hand corner, i.e. Clackwise and Anti-Clawvise. It can be called dancing I Ball Yoga.

Step 2- Hold the Eye brow with the thumb and forefinger finger, from the middle position of the two eyed brow, and lightly press.

Step 3- Fill the air in the mouth. Rotate that air four to six times right-left and then fill the air four to six times and remove it. Slap the cheeks with the palms lightly. Then patch a little from the page portion of the hand.

Step 4- Hold the right ear from the right hand fingers and the left ear from the right first and hold it from the top and then hold it from the top. Then close the two holes of the ears with fingers for some time.

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Kaali Maa Mudra :

Get your tongue out at the convenience stage. You must have seen the picture of Maa Kaali, just stay in the same currency for 30 seconds. With this, the water stored in your eyes and the toxic substance goes out or goes inside the stomach. This makes the eyes feel healthy and healthy. It also removes wrinkles made under the eyes.

Make face Fishinum :

Make cheeks freshen up and make the face fishy. You can call it Smile Fish Face Yoga. Then bind the hands of the hands and lift it upwards and harbor both eyes with a strong force. It erases the stools lying on the brain.

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Lion Mudra :

By making a lion-like face, all the muscles of the face become healthy by being operated. First take the tongue out with full force and then tune eyes. Just like the lion. Now fill the mouthful of the mouth, ie fill the air in the mouth and turn it right-left.

The Shape of Kiss :

Make a figure like Kiss (kissing) and repeat this way again and again. Then laughed with necklace and raised the neck.

Buddha Face :

Finally, close your eyes and sit in the pose of relaxation and meditate between the two Bhoos. Stay calm like this for a while.

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