This Magenta Kettlebell Of High Technology Is Basicly Six Kettlebells In One

This Magenta Kettlebell Of High Technology Is Basicly Six Kettlebells In One

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You may already know JAXJOX as a provider of home fitness equipment, but the brand has only flirted with technology before. Although it has put its stamp on an exercise tracker and an intelligent scale, the company is starting a new connected momentum at CES this year, starting with its $ 349 smart kettlebell. As expected, the thing will track his repetitions, series and training time; Place it in your cargo base and you can also change its weight between 12 and 42 pounds. However, simply recording your workouts is only part of the proposal. Following the steps of Peloton and others, send another $ 30 per month in the manner of JAXJOX and you will get access to live and on-demand gym classes that are meant to help you get the best out of your team.

At the launch, there will be more than 40 exercise classes to perform, with the platform expanding organically each month. All the data that kettlebell collects will be incorporated into the JAXJOX application, along with information from the heart rate monitor, smart scale and external sources of the company, such as Fitbits and soon, Apple Watch. The JAXJOX software will chew and spit out a personal fitness score so you can improve later. Given the increasing popularity of the equipment and subscriptions that reproduce the gymnastics class experience, it is logical that JAXJOX wants to improve its traditional exercise equipment. The kettlebell is only the first of a series of planned products. In the near future, JAXJOX intends to add a foam roller and dumbbells to its new range of connected equipment.

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