The Protein Powders are not Steroids and Indians must stop believing this stupid myth

The Protein Powders are not Steroids and Indians must stop believing this stupid myth

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Whether you are a health enthusiast, athlete, sportsman, sports fan or gym fan, you will all know the importance of an adequate protein in your daily diet. While the average person does not need as much protein as an athlete or gym fan, that does not mean they are getting optimal amounts of protein in their diet.

The international sports nutrition society recommends 1.4-2gm of protein per kg of body weight for athletes. This means 112gm -160gm of protein per day for an 80kg athlete. This requirement can go even higher depending on these things:

  1. If someone is training hard frequently together with a job that requires a lot of physical work.
  2. If someone tries to lose fat without losing a lot of muscle.
  3. Improve body composition.
  4. If someone is using steroids (PED).
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The first priority for obtaining all this protein should be real foods that have a complete amino acid profile, such as chicken, lamb, lamb, fish, cheese, eggs or milk. Vegetarian people only have limited options. Also, if they have a busy lifestyle in which they can not eat, the amount of solid foods will have to depend on protein powder supplements.

Another situation in which you can increase the dependence on protein powders (isolated from whey, soy, pea, rice) is when someone suffers from “lactose intolerance”. It is estimated that between 60 and 70% of the Indians are lactose intolerant and the Indians of the south are more affected (66.6%) than the Indians of the north (27.4%).

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Lactose intolerance is a condition where the affected person can not digest a sugar called lactose present in dairy products. As a result, the affected person has swelling, stomach pain, cramps or vomiting. While the whey concentrate may have a certain amount of lactose present, the whey isolate reduces it to a much lower level that most people can feel comfortable with. An even better option for people with lactose intolerance is to use protein powders made from soy, pea, rice or a mixture of any of the three. Again, high quality proteins are considered.

-As a pure vegetarian who does not use any drugs to improve performance, it becomes really difficult to get less than 10% body fat without losing muscle mass. And any athlete who has worked hard day and night (with training and diet) to achieve that a few kilos of muscle will not want to lose it easily.

Reaching extremely low levels of body fat (condition of stage / photo session) requires restriction of calories and very little amount of carbohydrates and fats in the diet. However, most high-quality vegetarian protein sources will also give you a fairly high amount of carbohydrates and fats, which is fine when it is maintained or bulked, but it is not ideal for cutting.

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Each 3 g of milk protein in 100 ml will also give you 5-6 g of carbohydrates with it. Now calculate the amount of carbohydrates you will get to complete 30 grams of protein milk. The same amount of carbohydrates you can get better from solid foods when you are on a restrictive diet to stay satisfied longer.

Similarly, trying to get 18 grams of protein from cheese will also give you 25 grams of fat with it. While the same amount of protein can be obtained from the spoonful of casein that gives you almost 2 g of fat.

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People who are not vegetarian or who eat eggs can make a cut / fat loss protocol quite easily, since they can consume lean protein sources such as egg whites and non-fat chicken breast. The same can not be said of pure vegetarians.

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It may bother me a bit in the comments section for promoting the use of protein powder, but you ask yourself “Am I really promoting it or am I just showing you the reality”?

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