10 Surprising Health Benefits of S@x

10 Surprising Health Benefits of S@x

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Talking about s@x in our country is almost considered taboo, but the truth is that regular s@x is the key to better health. S@x pressure reduces blood pressure and improves cholesterol. According to the survey, the risk of heart attack and stroke is halfway through regular s@x. Stress decreases with good s@x. Those who do regular s@x, they fall ill. According to the survey, regular s@x is not only physically fit, but also helps to improve brain work.

S@x Enhances Immune System

According to research, exercising some time before s@x has a positive effect on your health, along with you feel more energized and refreshed. S@x is very important for being healthy and for good health. S@x enhances your body’s immune system, due to which you are less ill.

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Libido Enhancer

S@x not only gives you pleasure but also enhances your libido. During s@x in women, s@x vaginal lubricant enhances blood circulation, which not only enjoys s@x but can physically fit itself through it.

Helpful in Women’s Blender Control

S@x proves to be beneficial for women in many ways. This increases the capacity of the bladder control (bladder control). S@x is also helpful in the strengthening of muscles of women. When women (orgasm) achieve perfection during s@x, the secretion during this period is helpful in strengthening their muscles.

Reduces Blood Pressure

According to the latest research, s@x and blood pressure have a mutual relationship. S@x is effective in balancing your blood pressure. It plays an important role in reducing your blood pressure.

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S@x Is A Best Workout

Workout and s@x are said to supplement each other because where exercise is quick and easy, s@x is also healthy. Positive thinking is important for healthy s@x. Five calories burn from sex every minute. S@x enhances your body’s immune system, due to which you are less ill. S@x plays the role of a better exercise in your body in a way, whose body gets all round.

S@x Reduces Risk of Heart Attack

S@x is even better for your heart. Having s@x will reduce the risk of heart attack. The risk of heart attack and stroke is halfway through regular s@x. As well as having s@x, estrogen and testosterone are balanced. According to the experts, having s@x twice a week reduces the risk of heart attack.

Pain Relieves S@x

S@x reduces pain. Some s@x experts believe that s@x is better than taking aspirin pill. Therefore it is better to try sex than bullets to remove many body parts.

Prostate Reduces the Risk of Cancer

S@x does not just fit you, but it also reduces the possibility of prostate cancer. Men who have s@x 21 times a month have less chance of prostate cancer.

Helpful in Good Sleep

There is also an exhaustion in the sensation of pleasure during s@x, which is helpful in bringing good sleep. Men sleep after immediately after s@x. During s@x, the discharge of oxytocin hormone and prolactin hormone in the body of men increases. Oxytocin hormone gives men feeling comfortable while prolactin hormone makes them sleepy.

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Helpful in Reducing Stress

Reduces s@x tension. During the time of s@x, during the full-touch of love, by hugging, experiencing extreme bliss during s@x, the good hormones that are born in the body decrease the tension of the mind because it gives peace to the mind. Stress on your mind also reduces the experience of being united with one another. Therefore s@x is helpful in removing stress.

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