How to Protect your Eyes While Swimming

How to Protect your Eyes While Swimming

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Many people like swimming or swimming. Some people do swimming for their hobbies while some people resort to swimming to stay fit. Very few people will know that hydrotherapy is a cardio workout that is effective in keeping your body healthy and controlling weight. However, you should also know that you should not spoil the health of your eyes while maintaining the health of the whole body. The swimming pool used for hydrotherapy contains chemicals such as chlorine which can damage your eyes.

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Chlorine and your Eyes

Chlorine is added to the swimming pool water to keep it clean. However, you will be surprised to know that chlorine does not completely clear the water and germs are left in the water. In addition, chlorine can remove the protective tiered coating on the cornea of ​​your eye. Due to this you may have many types of infections in which conjunctivitis is quite common. So you must wear swimming goggles while swimming.

Use of Eye Drop after Swimming

Swimming for a long time can cause irritation in your eyes, as well as the eyes start feeling red and dry. However it diminishes by itself after a short time. If you feel more difficulty after swimming, you can use lubricating eye drops for this. This will create a tiered layer on your cornea quickly.

Remove contact Lenses before Swimming

If you wear contact lenses, do not use them during swimming. Wearing contact lenses while swimming can affect eye health. Lens wearers are particularly likely to have acanthemoebic keratitis. This is an infection during which amoebae found in water get trapped between the eyes and the contact lens.

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