We are a generation that likes to do things differently and try new things in the blink of an eye. If things do not change, we fear the monotony and we try to break it as much as we can. Many facets that affect us positively also tend to seem boring at a given moment and we look for new things in life to try, that is a fact. But not all things must be changed because sometimes absurd results are achieved and simply do not make sense. Yoga for example! Yoga is a millenary practice and, from its origin, it is considered a moving body flow, which improves the physiological functionality in a beautiful way. However, until late, yoga has been going through different variations and the trend is changing to make it more suitable for our lifestyle.

Today we have hot yoga, powerful yoga, water yoga, drugged yoga, aerial yoga and … hold your breath, ladies and gentlemen: we have beer beer! Seriously, yoga beer? Is not it the most absurd thing you’ve ever heard of? We all agree with the non-conformist lifestyles and the difficult things that nobody has done before, but when things go against an idea or a way of being simply wrong on so many levels! For your information, Beer Yoga is essentially taking a cold beer while doing your practice.

To begin with, alcohol and yoga should never be put together. It is the most unhealthy concept that has ever existed. Yoga is a complete experience of mind and soul that opens your body with every posture you make. The first rule that a yogi or yogini should adhere to is to practice always on an empty stomach. If there is food inside your system when you practice your positions, it may make the session difficult. If there is food in your digestive system, it can cause nausea, heaviness, bloating and gas. Imagine if you have beer in your stomach! Beer contains stimulants that work with gastric acid, causing heaviness and gas and, in some cases, heartburn. This is because you are subjecting your body to full-fledged training, and you are already experiencing an adrenaline rush. Beer too, like any other alcohol, gives us a torrent of blood. Therefore, combining the two is a terrible idea. Always practice on an empty stomach or two or three hours after a meal.

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If you are practicing yoga to lose weight, doing it with beer is the worst idea! Beer contains less amounts of nutrients and comes loaded with calories. It could obstruct your practice by not allowing you to burn calories of any kind. Alcohol in beer is converted into acetate by the liver and then converted into fat. So now that I think about it, it’s the most counterproductive practice to adopt. Good time to bust this myth huh?

The most important disadvantage of beer yoga is beer that affects the work of breathing during yoga. The work of breathing, also known as pranayama, is supposed to cleanse and purify the blood and respiratory system. But when you do yoga with beer, you’re not really cleaning your blood or anything at all; You are literally putting alcohol in your system. It’s strange and ironic, is not it all about yoga working on your body with mental and physical state? While drinking beer, you are intoxicating, which breaks your concentration towards the body, which leaves you with just putting your mind to avoid belching or staying balanced during practice.

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