Consumption of Chewing Gum can be Harmful for Health

Consumption of Chewing Gum can be Harmful for Health

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Chewing gum is like a soft rubber that is chewed. This gum is made of synthetic rubber. People feel that there is no harm from chewing gum. But taking it daily is harmful for the body. Due to the sweetness in these chewing gums, weight gain occurs. At the same time, teeth also start to deteriorate. There are many flavors in chewing gum due to which people like to consume them but forget about its side effects. So let us tell you about the side effects of chewing gum.

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  • Tooth Decay: Due to the sweet taste of chewing gum, it is harmful for the teeth. The sugar present in chewing gum is ingested by bad bacteria, due to which plaque on the teeth starts to grow and after some time, the tooth starts to ache.
  • Digestive problems: Sugar alcohol is used in sugar free chewing gum. Which has laxative effect when used in large amounts. Consuming sugar free gum can cause digestive problems and diarrhea.
  • Headache: When a muscle does the same thing again and again, it causes fatigue. It is also applied to the facial muscles as they are responsible for moving the jaw. Many people chew chewing gum on one side of the mouth, causing fatigue. Fatigue can lead to headaches.
  • Reduce Fruit Intake: Eating chewing gum before meals reduces appetite. But the consumption of chewing gum not only reduces calorie absorption but also reduces the intake of healthy food by consuming flavored chewing gum and start consuming junk food.
  • TMG Disorder: Temporomandibular is the joint where the jaw and skull are attached. The muscles connecting this joint start getting tired when they are in the right place and the joint starts to move from its place. This causes TMG disorder. Due to which pain starts in the jaw, headache.

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