Get Rid of Constipation, make the Belly Light? So Try these 12 Remedies

Get Rid of Constipation, make the Belly Light? So Try these 12 Remedies

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Constipation means that the stomach has not been cleaned or used to say that the defecation is not properly formed. Most people would have ever had to face constipation problems. Constipation, which is called constipation in English, is not always clear for several days, due to which the entire day feels very uncomfortable and heavy. Eating without eating or feeling hungry is also felt, as if your belly is full.

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If you are struggling with constipation, let’s know some easy solutions to get rid of it

  1. Due to Constipation, Mis-food, Do not go for toilet on time, No exercise, and no physical work.
  2. To get rid of this problem, you should eat flour Roti including bran and drink sweetened milk.
  3. Shankar-Jaggery often keeps the stomach clean, so eat it after eating.
  4. Eat vegetables including radish, black toast, ghee, eggplant, carrot, parwal, papaya, tomato etc.
  5. Eat pulses with Spray.
  6. If the medicine is needed, then after mixing a little soda in the water, the stomach will remain light and the defecation too.
  7. Mix jaggery in the tamarind and make sweet sauce and eat it. This will keep the stomach clean.
  8. Eat salt in the salad Tomato with the food. Salt also keeps the stomach clean. Occasionally take a few pancakescars powder too.
  9. After eating food, chewing Fennel & fitter its help to make stomach healthy.
  10. Triphala, the sanctuary is a very good choice when there is excessive constipation. The stomach becomes lighter with them.
  11. Sleep after drinking lukewarm milk before sleeping at night.
  12. Consume guava, Banana, Berry, Paraval, Eggplant, Papaya, Grapes, Figs, Potato fever, Peanuts, Peas, Udnabhas etc, constipation will stay away

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