5 Types of Yoga that are so Foolish that they Surpass the Galactic Levels of Stupidity

5 Types of Yoga that are so Foolish that they Surpass the Galactic Levels of Stupidity


Yoga is a simple and extremely effective training module. Its popularity in recent years is proof of its effectiveness. What began in ancient India as a practice of spiritual gurus is now a household name not only in the East but also in the West. In fact, people are so crazy about yoga that they have literally massacred this ancient art. Just as yoga extends to the ends of the Earth, it is being molded into many different types. Extremely stupid types, it must be said. You must understand that just because the whites are doing some weird nonsense in the name of yoga, it does not mean that they are doing it right. Here are six types of yoga that are so foolish that they completely defeat the purpose of yoga in the first place.

1) Goat Yoga

This form of yoga is as ridiculous as it seems. Blame the super rich, lactose intolerant and gluten-free whites for this idiocy. It is literally done in a barn full of goats that, of course, have no idea why humans are acting like that in front of them. Goats not only become a distraction, people also get lost caressing goats instead of doing yoga.

2) Beer Yoga

As we move up the list, things will become ridiculously stupid. Well, like beer yoga. Balancing the pints of beer on the head, which, of course, will inevitably be reduced to drinking beer while in the asana position, the yoga of beer is so stupid that it will kill the brain cells just by thinking about it. Pretty sure you’ll be drunk at the end of the session, not rejuvenated.

3) Hot Yoga

We have already hit him, like many other rational experts. Also called Bikram yoga, the fundamentals of this type of yoga are flawed. You will be made to do yoga in a room with temperatures of more than 35 degrees centigrade. Why? Because damn detoxification, that’s why! Its founder made people believe that sweating more means losing fat and detoxifying the body. Actually, this is not how body detoxification works and sweating more does not mean more fat loss.

4) Naked Yoga

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