When Salman Khan Said, Take Down the T-shirt, I will Make you a Star

When Salman Khan Said, Take Down the T-shirt, I will Make you a Star

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Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is considered the best man in the industry. He has given an opportunity to many artists, many of whom have become famous stars today. Speaking of recent affairs, he launched his Jeeja Ayush Sharma and Zaheer Iqbal. Zahir Iqbal’s film notebook will be released on March 29.

Salman Khan’s production house, Salman Khan Films, had the money in the film. In the film, Pratutan is the protagonist and she is the granddaughter of the actress Nutan. The trailer for the Zaheer and Pritun movie has been released and it can be said that it is quite effective. Zaheer has told the story of Salman being a hero.

Zaheer said: “In the last 6 years there is almost no such day where I have not been with my brother, it is the most wonderful thing in my life, I used to go through the facade of the house of Salman Khan every day” . Zaheer said that one day, when he went to Salman’s house, he introduced Zaheer to his coach. He said, exercise with it.

Zaheer said that a month later, Salman met him and said: “Take off your shirt.” Make body I will make you a star. “Iqbal began his career with the movie Jai Ho.” In the film, Zaheer played the role of Assistant Director, later, Salman gave him work in his home production film, Notebook.

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