Memes Have a ‘Dhai Kilo Ka’ Punch-line! After Sunny Deol Joins the BJP

Memes Have a ‘Dhai Kilo Ka’ Punch-line! After Sunny Deol Joins the BJP

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In general, the phenomenon of the actor turned politician is not so surprising; It is not a new career path for the influential Bollywood celebrities. The Deol family is already on the BJP list with veteran actors Dharmendra and Hema Malini who join the party. The first took the parliamentary seat for Bikaner (2004-2009) and the second was renamed for the parliament seat Uttar Pradesh of Mathura. Nobody watches the news, but when Sunny Deol (Paaji, feels bad for not using the honorific) decided to intervene and support PM Modi, everyone turned to look.

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When Jawed Habib joined the BJP, we thought it was a ‘hair’ scheme. But, look at the type of memes we have. Seriously, take a look at them!

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Sunny Deol has decided to enter from the constituency of Punjab in Gurdaspur and we have questions! The most obvious are: Do the stars dominate the delivery of more votes? Will the BJP have an unfair advantage with an actor campaigning for them? And then, there are important questions of cultural interest, like, what is Congress going to do against this “dhai kilo ka haath”?

Twitterati is full of answers and it seems that they know exactly what the border conflicts of India with Sunny of the BJP would look like:

Here is a better Version of the Surgical Strickes!

Pakistan has greater concerns now. They are very concerned about their hand pumps.

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From Border to Gadar, the jokes practically made themselves. According to reports, Sunny is ready to apply for Lok Sabha in the 2019 elections. However, we still have to get official confirmation. The news was announced at a press conference in which Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Minister of Railways Piyush Goyal welcomed the actor into the political party.

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