Google Doodle Celebrates the 87th Birth Anniversary of Bollywood “Mogambo” Amrish Puri

Google Doodle Celebrates the 87th Birth Anniversary of Bollywood “Mogambo” Amrish Puri

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Today is the birthday of the famous Bollywood actor Amrish Puri, who is very easy to play from a villain to a tough father. Google has remembered them by creating a doodle on Amrish’s birthday with his strong voice and big eyes telling the whole story.

Amrish Puri was born on June 22, today. She is one of the most dangerous villains of Indian cinema. For many decades, there is no villain in
Amrish collision with the name of his name in Bollywood, even today, Bollywood is not in it. Today, on his birthday, certain things related to his life.

Amrish Puri was born on June 22, 1932 in Jalandhar, Punjab state. Amrish was the best voice owner in the year 1967, his first Marathi film ‘Shantu! Got the job done in the court ” In this movie he played a blind person. At the same time, in 1971, he stepped into Hindi cinema with ‘Reshma and Sherra’.

In Amrish’s main films, Kurbani, Naseeb, Hero, Anandakanu, Dunia, Mari Jung and Sultanat are remembered in their films. Their few dialogs are still on the lips of people.

On January 12, 2005 Amrish Puri had left the world. It would not be wrong to say that even today, there was no artist in place of Amrish Puri in Bollywood.

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